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RSS Health Feeds

What is an RSS Feed?

  • RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) is a format for the distribution and gathering of information from various sources across the Web. This is most commonly used by newspapers, magazines, and blogs, however in recent months with the advent of the Google and Yahoo Desktop gadgets and improved to home pages the RSS feed has been used in much greater frequency and with greater functionality for users who wish to have certain information and features pulled into their computers automatically.

What tools do you need to have to run RSS?

  • Web Browsers can add RSS subscriptions to any Feed, similar to a Favorite or bookmark
  • You can download the latest Desktops from Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft and then add various Readers and other Gadgets and Widgets.
  • You can create your own Home pages either in Yahoo or Google and populate those pages with readers, gadgets, and widgets.

What are the benefits of using RSS?

  • This is an easy way to retrieve the most recent content from sources of information which interests you.
  • The RSS feeds can act as an Alert system and notify you of changes in information.
  • RSS can stream line communication processes between the providers of information and the receipents of Childhood Lead Prevention.

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