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Community Health Assessment Unit

The Community Health Assessment Unit is a part of the Office of Health Assessment and Epidemiology within the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s Chief Science Office. Our unit oversees the Los Angeles County Health Survey, which was initiated in 1997. This population-based survey periodically collects health data from a representative sample of Los Angeles County residents. Data are disseminated in various forms, including but not limited to aggregated data tables, reports and publications, and data sets for research purposes. Our unit also makes major contributions to the Community Health Profiles data initiative, which aims to provide reliable data for subcounty geographies with population sizes of 20,000 or greater. Our goal is to establish and effectively disseminate health data to all interested individuals and organizations in order to facilitate data-driven decision making and policy development and thereby improve community health.

Los Angeles County Health Survey

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The Los Angeles County Health Survey is a population-based survey that provides information concerning the health of Los Angeles County residents. The survey collects data on a vast range of health topics such as demographics, social determinants of health, health behaviors, health care access and utilization, health outcomes, health opinions, and beyond. The data are used for assessing health-related needs of the population, for policy development, and for program planning and evaluation. The relatively large sample size allows users to obtain health indicator data for large demographic subgroups and across geographic regions of the County, including Supervisorial Districts, Service Planning Areas, and Health Districts.   

Community Health Profiles

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s Community Health Profiles data initiative provides local-level data for over 100 indicators known to impact community health and wellbeing, organized under 11 thematic areas. Data are provided for 179 places in Los Angeles County with population sizes of 20,000 or greater and are intended to support efforts to improve health and community conditions across Los Angeles County. A large number of the indicators included in the data initiative are based on the 2023 Los Angeles County Health Survey. Survey direct estimates are used for Los Angeles County overall, Service Planning Areas, and Supervisorial Districts, while small area estimates are used for incorporated cities, City of Los Angeles Council Districts and neighborhoods, and unincorporated areas.

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