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    Los Angeles County
    Department of Public Health,
    Office of Health Assessment &
    Health Assessment Unit,
    313 N. Figueroa Street, Room 127
    Los Angeles, CA 90012

    Phone:(213) 240-7785
    Fax:(213) 250-2594
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Los Angeles County Health Survey
Image showing diversity of LA County residents

The Los Angeles County Health Survey is a population based telephone survey that provides information concerning the health of Los Angeles County residents. The data are used for assessing health-related needs of the population, for program planning and policy development, and for program evaluation. The relatively large sample size allows users to obtain health indicator data for large demographic subgroups and across geographic regions of the County, including Service Planning Areas and Health Districts. 



New 2015 LA County Health Survey: 
- 2015 LACHS Background Summary
- pdf icon Methodology 2015
  - Topics & Data Tables 2015
- 2015 Questionnaires:
pdf icon Adult 2015 pdf icon Child 2015


Modern Family Reading to Child


 Diabled Dad Playing With Son



2011 LA County Health Survey: 
- 2011 LACHS Background Summary
- pdf icon Methodology 2011
  - pdf icon Methodology Changes FAQ's
- Topics & Data Tables 2011
- 2011 Query System - LA HealthDataNow!
- 2011Questionnaires:
pdf icon Adult 2011 pdf icon Child 2011



2007 LA County Health Survey: 
- 2007 LACHS Background Summary
- pdf icon Methodology 2007
- Topics & Data Tables 2007
- 2007 Query System - LA HealthDataNow!
- 2007 Questionnaires:
 pdf icon Adult 2007 pdf icon Child 2007 pdf icon Sub-Sample 2007


           Image of Latina on a scale


Mother and Child 



2005 LA County Health Survey:
- 2005 LACHS Background Summary
-pdf icon Methodology 2005
  - Topics & Data Tables 2005
-2005 Query System - LA HealthDataNow!
- 2005 Questionnaires:
pdf icon Adult2005 pdf icon Child2005 pdf icon Sub-Sample2005



2002 LA County Health Survey:
- 2002 LACHS Background Summary & Methodology
- Topics & Data Tables 2002
- 2002 Questionnaires:
pdf icon Adult2002 pdf icon Child2002   pdf icon Sub-Sample2002




Hypertension Screening


Image encouraging a man not to smoke



1999 LA County Health Survey:
- 1999 LACHS Background Summary & Methodology
- Topics & Data Tables
- 1999 Questionnaires:
pdf icon Adult1999 pdf icon Child1999





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