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Los Angeles County Summary

*Case and death numbers include cases identified among persons detained at correctional facilities located in the city/community.
Data are subject to change based on further investigation.
(1) No. of cases per 100,000 residents
(2) No. of deaths per 100,000 residents

^The number of 7-day average daily cases is presented by episode date, an approximation of the date the illness began, and reflects data for the 7-day period ending Saturday. The number of 7-day average daily deaths is presented by date of death and reflects data for the 7-day period ending Monday with a three week lag. This is a change from how case and death data were presented prior to 7/27/23, which was by date of report. The 7-day average daily case count does not include Long Beach and Pasadena. The cumulative case count includes cases reported by Long Beach and Pasadena public health departments through 6/27/23. The 7-day average daily death count and cumulative death count both include Long Beach and Pasadena.

For more information on how LA County Department of Public Health counts COVID-19 cases, please visit the “About” tab on the COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard.


Hospitalization LAC cases only (excl Long Beach and Pasadena)
Hospitalized (Ever)

Monthly estimates of the percent of confirmed hospitalized COVID-19 cases with COVID-associated illness and with incidentally detected COVID, Los Angeles County1

Month of hospital admission Percent of hospitalized cases with COVID-associated illness1 Percent of hospitalized cases with incidental COVID detection
Aug-21 81% 19%
Sep-21 71% 29%
Oct-21 72% 28%
Nov-21 74% 26%
Dec-21 64% 36%
Jan-22 59% 41%
Feb-22 49% 51%
Mar-22 40% 60%
Apr-22 40% 60%
May-22 43% 57%
Jun-22 46% 56%
Jul-22 45% 55%
Aug-22 41% 59%
Sep-22 40% 60%
Oct-22 43% 57%
Nov-22 50% 50%
Dec-22 50% 50%
Jan-23 48% 52%
Feb-23 49% 51%
Mar-23 49% 51%
Apr -23 50% 50%
May -23 50% 50%
Jun -23 49% 51%
Jul -23 49% 51%
Aug -23 49% 51%
Table updated monthly. Updated 9/28/2023
(1) COVID-associated illness is determined by ICD-10 diagnosis codes assigned to a patient upon discharge. The COVID-associated illness definition includes patients positive for COVID-19 with a pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, or acute cardiopulmonary diagnosis. A national standard definition for COVID-associated illness has not been developed; caution should be applied when comparing these estimates to estimates from other jurisdictions which may use different methods.

Active COVID-19 Outbreaks

Healthcare Facilities include hospitals and skilled nursing. Community Care Facilities include assisted living, other long-term care, and group home facilities. Sites Serving People Experiencing Homelessness include interim housing, shelters, encampments, and single room units. Workplace settings include workplaces, food and retail stores, law enforcement, court services, and places of worship. This list is intended to inform the public of the current COVID-19 community outbreaks in Los Angeles County. Inclusion on this list does not suggest neglect or wrongdoing on the part of the setting.

7-day Average Daily Total and Skilled Nursing Facility-Associated COVID-19 Laboratory Confirmed Case Deaths by Date of Death1,2,3,4,5

This figure uses a 7-day rolling average to show the daily number of all COVID-19 deaths and COVID-19 deaths among residents of skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) over time. The 7-day rolling average is calculated for each day by averaging the number of deaths that occurred on that day, and the six days before. This approach prevents daily ups-and-downs from skewing the data and shows a clearer picture of death trends. Recent death data are shown within gray shading due to a time lag in death reporting; trend lines within the gray area should be interpreted with caution.

7-day Average Daily Total and Skilled Nursing Facility-Associated COVID-19 Laboratory Conrfirmed Case Deaths by Date of Death
1 Cumulative since January 31, 2020. Data may be updated in between reports on LAC website and/or press releases.
2 Reflective of data for day before report date through 12:00pm.
3 Deaths reported by Date of Death or Date Received if Date of Death is missing
4 Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Death- includes deaths of those who developed COVID-19 symptoms 48 hours before or after discharge from a skilled nursing facility.

Citations Issued Due to Lack of Compliance with Health Officer Order

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