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COVID-19 Vaccine

Vaccination for Healthcare Workers and Persons 65 and Over

For Healthcare Providers: COVID-19 Hub Vaccine Hub Volunteer to Vaccinate
For Everyone: VaccinateLACounty.com
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In LA County, we are actively vaccinating the following groups:

  • Healthcare workers (HCWs) at high and moderate risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus through their work in any role in health care or long-term care settings. High and moderate risk means the HCW has direct or indirect contact with patients or infectious materials (Phase 1A)
  • Long-term care facility residents (Phase 1A)
  • Persons age 65 and over (Phase 1B Tier 1)

Note: Low risk healthcare workers such as administrative support staff without routine in-person patient contact will be offered vaccination in Phase 1B Tier 2. Veterinary Medical Personnel will be offered vaccination in Phase 1B.

Vaccine supply is still extremely limited. We urge patience as we work urgently with our federal and state partners to expand capacity and supply in the weeks ahead.

You can make an appointment to be vaccinated through this website if you are in are in one of the groups listed above. DO NOT REGISTER FOR AN APPOINTMENT IF YOU ARE NOT IN AN ELIGIBLE GROUP. Doing so will take an appointment slot away from those at highest risk and you will be turned away without proper documentation of your eligibility.

Required Documentation for Vaccination Appointments

You must bring one of the sets of documentation listed below. If you do not have documentation, you will be asked to return with it. 

  1. Healthcare worker or student badge with photo
  2. Professional license AND a photo ID
  3. Signed letter from employer on facility letterhead [letter must include the healthcare worker’s name and the name of the workplace] AND a photo ID*
    * Important-This form documentation will no longer be accepted after Saturday, January 23.
  4. Payment stub from healthcare provider with your name AND a photo ID

  5. Second doses only
  6. White vaccine record card AND a photo ID

  • White vaccine record card AND a photo ID
  • Second dose referral letter AND a photo ID

You will need to show proof that you are an LA County resident and that you are age 65 or older

Examples include:

Proof of age:

  • Driving license
  • California ID card or REAL ID card (from the DMV)
  • MediCare card
  • Social Security card
  • Military ID
  • Passport
  • Medical document/records from medical provider, clinic, or doctor
  • Membership card for a seniors only organization
  • Any official document that includes name and date of birth

Proof that you live in LA County (must show your name and address):

  • Driver’s license
  • California ID card or REAL ID card (from the DMV)
  • Library card
  • Post- marked letter
  • Utility bill
  • Vehicle registration
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Voter registration confirmation
  • Rent receipt or lease or letter from landlord
  • School or employment document
  • Court document
  • Tax, Bank or insurance document
  • Post Office change of address confirmation
  • Letter or document from a Faith-based organization, shelter, non-profit institution with the name/address of issuing organization
  • Membership card – Union, YMCA, store club card, fitness center, community or neighborhood association, apartment building association

**If you are attending for your second dose, please bring your white vaccine record card AND a photo ID.**

Make an appointment to be vaccinated by LAC DPH and partners

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