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Childhood Lead Poisoning
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Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP)

Our program works to improve the health of children who live, learn, and play in Los Angeles County by preventing lead poisoning and providing complete support to lead burdened children and their families.

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What to Know about Replacing Lead Service Lines
California is replacing water lines that contain lead over the next several years, which can create lead hazards in drinking water.

Here's how to protect your family:

Contact your local water utility or check this California Water Boards Map.  

Find water filters certified to reduce lead and know when to replace them. 

Ask their doctor for a blood lead test.

Use the running water for plants instead.

Start with cold tap water and heat with stove or microwave.

Click to view this the infographic with more details
For the latest updates to lead service line replacement visit the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch's Lead Service Line Replacement web page.
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