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For Immediate Release:

December 05, 2022

Public Health Warns of Lead Poisoning Hazards in Recalled Children’s Products

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) today warned parents and caregivers about the potential health risks associated with several recalled children’s toys, clothes, and other products. The recalled items (listed below) contain lead levels that exceed federal safety standards, putting children at risk for lead poisoning. Parents and caregivers of young children are urged to stop using these products and consider testing children for lead exposure. Children less than six years old are at a higher risk of lead exposure because their bodies are still developing, and they tend to put their hands or contaminated objects in their mouths. A child with lead poisoning may not have visible signs or symptoms. If a child was exposed to lead, parents or caregivers should talk to their child’s healthcare provider about getting a blood lead test.

Even in small amounts, lead can have harmful effects on the body that create lifelong learning, behavioral, reproductive, cardiovascular, and other health problems.

Here is a list of the recalled children’s products that contain high lead levels and contact information for consumers to request a refund of the item’s full purchase price: Product Consumer Contact

  • Green Sprouts Toddler’s Stainless Steel Bottles and Cups Website: E-mail: Phone: (800) 876-1574

  • Bentex Children’s Clothing Sets Website: E-mail: Phone: (800) 451-0285

  • BS Interactive Stashables Children’s Ramp Sets Website: E-mail: Phone: (888) 808-0173

  • Tangame Busy Toy Houses E-mail:

  • Anker Play Products Bolt Foldable Children’s Scooters Website: E-mail: Phone: (877) 236-1945

  • Juvo Plus Recalls Children’s Butterfly Net Sets and Army Action Figure Playsets

    Website: Email:

  • BE Jewel Accessories Recalls Children’s Hairclips E-mail: Phone: (212) 273-0887

  • Big Game Hunters Children’s Outdoor Kitchens Website: E-mail: Phone: (833) 415-0078

    More information about these and other recalls is available on the CPSC website. For any other questions about childhood lead poisoning prevention in Los Angeles County, call (800) LA-4-LEAD (524-5323) or visit