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Families Have Questions, Help Me Grow LA Has Answers

Families often have questions about their child’s development but don’t know where to go for help. Help Me Grow LA works together with local community programs and agencies to help families find support and get services more quickly.

HMG LA provides the tools you need to help your child thrive.

HMG LA partners with health care and other providers to guide families and enhance their child's development and health.

Search for resources and services in your local community.

Smiling African Amercan father dressed in tee shirt and baseball hat is helping his smiling daughter stand

Help Me Grow LA

Help Me Grow LA works with families to find and connect to services that can support their child's development.


Early Identification and Intervention Matters.

Children with a developmental concern may not be connected early enough (or at all) to appropriate services and supports.


"Identifying developmental delays early in life can enhance a child's growth trajectory. It can also help children with disabilities reach their full potential."

- Carlo DeAntonio, MD, North Los Angeles County Regional Center