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Cardiovascular Health


Additional Resources

If you have a chronic medical condition please consult a physician before starting any exercise program.
Physical Activity Guidelines
  • CDC BMI Calculator

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated from a person's weight and height. BMI is used to screen for weight categories that may lead to health problems. This calculator provides BMI and the corresponding BMI weight category. Use this calculator for adults, 20 years old and older.

  • Physical Activity Calorie Calculator

  • The Calorie Control Council developed this calculator to help you see how many calories you expend doing your favorite exercise or activity.

  • Portion Distortion

  • Developed by the DHHS, NIH, and NHLBI, this interactive learning module helps you compare today's portion sizes with those from 20 years ago. Be amazed at how much portions have changed!

    Contact Information
    Los Angeles County
    Department of Public Health
    Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention
    Cardiovascular and School Health
    695 South Vermont Avenue
    14th Floor, South Tower
    Los Angeles, CA 90005
    Tel: (213) 351-7887
    Fax: (213) 637-4879
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    Cardiovascular Health
    The Cardiovascular Health Program's vision is physically fit families engaging in healthy lifestyles in line with the Surgeon Generalís recommendations. Its mission is to unite the strengths of public, private, nonprofit, and citizen efforts in increasing and promoting physical activity and other healthy lifestyles through policy, programs and initiatives, research and evaluation, and public awareness campaigns to reduce the burden of chronic disease among Angelenos.
    Educational Materials

    Kids How-to Guide for 10-Minute Exercise Breaks

    Body Mass Index

    Physical Activity Tips
    for Adults

    Walking for Health
    Tips to Keep You and Your Dog Fit

    View and download these activities, and refer to them daily in your fitness program.
    For additional health education materials from the Department of Public Health, click here.

    Additional Resources

    Los Angeles Countywide Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment
    The Countywide Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment quantifies the need for parks and recreation resources in Los Angeles County (cities and unincorporated areas) and estimates the potential cost of meeting that need. Visit the report's webpage to view the final report in various languages, as well as resources and interactive maps and data for your community.

    Choose Health LA: Parent's Guide to Physical Education
    This guide is intended for parents, and describes how parents can support their child's health through physical activity, the differences between physical education and physical activity, the benefits of effective physical education, California laws regarding physical education, who can teach this subject, how grades must be assigned, and the physical education requirements for high school students. This brochure is available in English and Spanish.

    2013 Los Angeles County Resource List: Free and Low-Cost Opportunities for Physical Activity in Your Community
    This guide has specific information organized by city and community about free and low-cost physical activity opportunities at local schools and parks.


    Be Active Your Way: A Guide for Adults
    This guide is based on the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. It can help you decide the number of days, types of activities, and times that fit your schedule.

    Champions for Change: Power Up in 10
    This resource teaches you quick strength workouts to try when you are on a time budget.

    Shape of Yoga
    This is a nutrition and physical activity booklet for families. Shape of Yoga is a fun way for you and your family to exercise and learn about healthy food choices. This booklet is a simple way for you to teach others how to perform basic yoga.

    Choose Health LA!
    Choose Health LA is a local initiative of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to prevent and control chronic disease in Los Angeles County. Click this image to connect with resources for nutrition, active living and healthy LA neighborhoods.

    Joint/Shared Use Resources
    The Los Angeles County Joint/Shared-Use Moving People to Play (JUMPP) Coalition, formerly Task Force, is a collaborative of school, park, health, faith, for-profit, and community based organizations working together to foster access to safe physical activity spaces for all families in Los Angeles County to play, learn, and be well. JUMPP accomplishes this by serving as a local information, networking, and resource hub for joint/shared use across Los Angeles County.

    Individuals/organizations interested in participating in the Los Angeles County JUMPP Coalition can visit the JUMPP webpage for updates and resources, and contact JUMPP to request being added to the JUMPP email list.
    School District
    Physical Education Model Action Plan (PE MAP) Toolkit
    This four-step toolkit has been developed to guide school districts in improving their Physical Education program. This process is based on lessons learned from the adoption and implementation of LAUSD's 2008 Physical Education Board Resolution and 2009 Physical Education Policy Bulletin.

    Step 1
      ♦  Complete the CA Self-Assessment Checklist to establish a baseline of the district's existing PE policies and their implementation.

    Step 2
      ♦  Develop a Physical Education Model Action Plan (PE MAP) to describe the necessary steps for the district to operationalize legally required PE components.

    Step 3
      ♦  Draft a Model School Board Policy to institutionalize implementation of the PE MAP.

    Step 4
      ♦  Draft a Model School Board Resolution to have the School Board proclaim the importance of physical education, adopt the Board Policy, and direct the district to implement the PE MAP.

    Samples of Completed/Adopted PE MAP Documents
      ♦  CA Self-Assessment Checklist

      ♦  Model Action Plan (MAP)

    School District
    Health Fact Sheets
    These fact sheets provide school district-specific information about childhood obesity, park space, economic hardship, and adult mortality from heart disease and stroke for cities within the school district's boundaries. Also provided is information about childhood physical fitness and academic performance (API) for each school within the district.

    ABC | Compton | El Monte City | Inglewood | Los Angeles | Mountain View | Paramount | Pasadena | Pomona

    Los Angeles County
    Office of Education (LACOE)
    2012-15 Physical Education Program (PEP) Grant Information
    The Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) was awarded a three-year Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) grant for 2012-2015. Grant results including aggregate data for the 26 participating schools across 5 school districts can be accessed here. For additional information, contact LACOE at (562) 922-6231.
    Children's BMI-for-Age
      ♦  Year 1 (baseline)
      ♦  Year 2
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