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Veterinary Public Health

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Veterinary Public Health Program
313 N Figueroa St. Rm 1127
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Tel (213) 989-7060
Tel: (877) 747-2243
Fax (213) 481-2375
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Canine Influenza Testing Information 
Since dogs with Canine Influenza may present with symptoms similar to other common canine respiratory diseases, testing is needed to confirm a diagnosis. Acute ill dogs may be tested by PCR, while those that have been ill for several days would need to be tested by serology. Both Cornell and UC Davis offer canine influenza tests:
  1. Serology. Serologic testing is one of the most consistently useful and inexpensive ways of diagnosing canine influenza, because the dog may test positive for a long time after the illness has begun. Dogs do not typically seroconvert until approximately 7 days after onset. Diagnosis is not confirmed unless a rising titer 2-3 weeks later is documented. Serologic testing through Cornell Diagnostic Laboratory cost $22 per sample plus a $2 accession fee.
    Cornell University's Animal Health Diagnostic Center 3/10/11

  2. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests.  PCR tests are most useful when the animal is tested within the first 1-2 days of illness onset. The virus may be identified by PCR testing on nasal/pharyngeal swabs if the dog is still shedding the virus at the time of testing. A negative test does not rule out the diagnosis.  Both UC Davis and Cornell offer PCR testing for canine influenza virus.  See the websites for further information
    UC Davis' Lucy Whittier Molecular and Diagnostic Core Facility
  3. Cornell University's Animal Health Diagnostic Center 3/10/11

  4. Necropsy, lung tissue testing. Contact the above laboratories for more information about sample handling.
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