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Veterinary Public Health Program
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Bite and Rabies Suspect Reporting for Physicians and Veterinarians

Animal bites to humans are reportable by law.  Anyone with knowledge of the bite should report, however physicians and veterinarians are especially obligated.  The point of reporting is to determine whether the person may have been exposed to rabies.  This may only be determined by quarantining and observing the animal for signs of rabies, or by testing the animal.  Quarantines are performed in shelters and in animal's homes.

Exception: rodent (mouse, rat squirrel, etc) and rabbit bites are not reportable because rabies is very rare in these species.  However if the behavior of the animal or the circumstances involving a rodent/rabbit bite are strongly suggestive of rabies, contact our program and ask to speak to a veterinarian about the case.

Also legally reportable is the exposure of a domestic animal to a wild animal. See veterinary section below.

Animal health workers are invited to register to receive Animal Health Alerts by email. See registration form below in the Resources section for veterinarians.


Reporting Forms Resources

Animal-Bite-to-Human report form (pdf)

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