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Healthy Pets Healthy Families - Spay & Neuter

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Spaying (in females) and neutering (in males) means sterilization of pets so that they can't have babies. There is scientific evidence that spayed and neutered pets live longer and may experience other health benefits.


Spaying/neutering pets can help resolve the large pet overpopulation in Los Angeles County. There is a large number of stray dogs and cats in our county and local animal shelters can be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of unwanted animals entering their facilities daily.


Facts about spaying/neutering in LA County



What can people do to promote spaying/neutering in LA County


  • Spay and neuter your pets!

    • Talk to your veterinarian about the procedure - this may include bloodwork before surgery and advanced anesthesia monitoring techniques to ensure your pet is healthy before and during surgery

    • Ask your local animal shelter about low cost spaying & neutering options in your area

  • Keep pets confined to your property - allowing intact pets to roam means you may end up with unwanted puppies or kittens


What the HPHF coalition does to promote spaying/neutering in LA County


The HPHF coalition wants to ensure that every pet owner has access to spay or neuter services, especially in areas where stray animals are most often seen.



Pet expos and services. Working with local partners, HPHF organizes or participates in events where community members are able to access low-cost and free pet preventive services such as spay/neuter, vaccinations and more. Attendees also get connected to local resources for continued care for their pets.


Low-cost spay and neuter services


List of Low Cost Veterinary Services (including Spay/Neuter) in LA County Updated June 7, 2023


Find a low cost spay and neuter clinic near you

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list and that Veterinary Public Health is not affiliated with and does not take responsibility for the services provided from the listed clinics. 

LA County Animal Care and Control (LACDACC)


          Spay and neuter discount vouchers available for use at various Spay Neuter Agencies 

          Click here or call (562) 940-6808 for more information.


ASPCA Los Angeles

Free spay/neuter services for both City of Los Angeles and County of Los Angeles residents of qualifying zip codes/service areas.  Stationary clinic located at Chesterfield Square (South LA Animal Care Center) Mobile spay/neuter clinics at Baldwin Park Animal Care Center and Downey Animal Care Center.  



San Gabriel Valley Humane Society

Offers low-cost spay and neuter by appointment only.  Proof of vaccinations required.  Call (626) 286-1159 or click here for more information.


Inland Valley Humane Society

Offers low-cost spay and neuter appointments that must be made in person Monday-Friday from 9am-12pm only.



Mobile clinic that offers free spay and neuter services for pet owners of LA County and select zip codes of LA City   in South LA.  Call 1-888-SPAY-4-LA to see if you qualify. 


City of Los Angeles Animal Services

Free spay and neuter certificates and discount spay and neuter coupons are available for Los Angeles City      residents at all six LA City Animal Shelters.  Click here or call (888) 452-7381 for more information.


Long Beach Animal Care Service

Spay neuter vouchers are available on a limited basis.  Click here or call (562) 570-7387 for more information.


  Fix Long Beach - Spay Neuter Mobile Clinic


Pasadena Humane Society

Low-cost spay and neuter scheduling available online.  Click here for more information.

Southeast Area Animal Control Authority (SEAACA)



Contact your local animal control agency for more information. To see a list of all of animal control agencies in LA County, clickhere.


Pet Owners:

Contact information for licensing your pet in your city

More useful information about spay & neuter



Last updated: June 7, 2023

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