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Public Health Investigation


Public Health Investigation

Contact Information
County of Los Angeles
Department of Public Health
Public Health Investigation
5555 Ferguson Drive, Suite 120-04
Commerce, CA.  90022
Phone: (323) 659-6148
Fax: (323) 728-0217
Public Health Investigation


To safeguard the public's health through mandated disease interventions and enforcement of public health laws.


Reduced rates of communicable diseases in Los Angeles County.


Public Health Investigation

Public Health Investigation (PHI) performs mandated functions of the Health Officer primarily related to communicable disease intervention and control.

The PHI discipline, as it exists within Los Angeles County, is unique within the State of California, and even the nation.  Although positions bearing similar titles appear in other health jurisdictions, they are limited in scope of responsibility and are usually associated with either the control of sexually transmitted diseases or tuberculosis and they usually have no enforcement responsibilities.

The PHI discipline is the investigative and enforcement arm of the County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Health.  Its functions are diversified and are performed by a staff knowledgeable in investigation, law enforcement, legal procedure, public relations, and interviewing techniques.  PHI is charged with the responsibility of and resolving the more difficult or unusual cases that arise within public health.  This includes locating infected and communicable patients who have been lost to follow up.  When necessary, PHI is required to take legal action to gain the compliance of recalcitrant patients who present a threat to the health of the public.  Public Health Investigation units are located in Public Health Centers and major Public Health Programs.  PHIs assigned to these offices work at the community level to identify infected persons and bring them to examination and treatment.  This activity is crucial for the effective control of communicable disease.

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