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Adult Film Industry Act Enforcement


Los Angeles County enacted an ordinance to improve the safety of workers in the Adult Film Industry.  Effective December 14, 2012, the ordinance, Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry, requires all adult film producers filming in unincorporated county areas or in any city that has adopted Los Angeles County Health and Safety Code, Title 11, Chapter 11.39, to obtain an Adult Film Production Public Health Permit.  The Act conditions any film permit issued by the County for the production of an adult film on the use of condoms and other safety precautions to minimize the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, and authorizes the Department of Public Health (DPH) to take appropriate measures to enforce the Act.


Public Health Investigation (PHI) Administration has been designated to implement the permitting process and enforce the Act.  Upon issuance of a Conditional Adult Film Production Public Health Permit, producers are advised of the requirement to provide proof of completion of blood borne pathogen training specific to the adult film industry and approved by DPH for the individual owner or all company principals and management level employees, and all film directors; receive DPH approval of an Exposure Control Plan that specifies how employee risk of exposure to blood or other infectious material will be minimized; display the permit in an area visible to performers at all times at the location where an adult film is being filmed; and use condoms for any acts of vaginal or anal sexual intercourse.


PHI Administration will enforce the provisions of the Act. PHI Administration will also respond to all inquiries, concerns, and complaints from the public.


For questions, complaints, or to apply for a permit, call (323) 659-6144.



Los Angeles County Health and Safety Code, Title 11, Chapter 11.39

California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Sections 3203 and 5192



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