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Public Health Investigation


Public Health Investigation

Contact Information
County of Los Angeles
Department of Public Health
Public Health Investigation
5555 Ferguson Drive, Suite 120-04
Commerce, CA.  90022
Phone: (323) 659-6148
Fax: (323) 728-0217

Public Health Investigation is the designated Custodian of Records for confidential records that are held by units within the Department Public Health.  To access this list, click here.

There are four types of subpoenas:

  • Personal subpoena- commands the appearance of an individual as a witness
  • Person Most Knowledgeable (PMK) subpoena - commands the person most knowledgeable to appear as a witness
  • Subpoena duces tecum - commands the production of records
  • Criminal subpoena - commands the production of records

Personal subpoenas must be addressed to and served on the individual named as the witness. PMK, Subpoena duces tecum, and Criminal subpoenas must be addressed to and served in person at:

Los Angeles County

Department of Public Health

Custodian of Records

5555 Ferguson Drive, Suite 120-04

Commerce, CA 90022

The Custodian of Records is responsible for the collection of all witness, mileage, and document research and duplication fees related to responding to a subpoena.  Advance payment is not required for a subpoena duces tecum for records; an itemized bill will be prepared and must be paid before records can be released.  Advance payment of $275.00 is required at time of service for subpoena duces tecum personal witness and PMI subpoenas; an itemized bill of all fees related to the appearance will be prepared.

To review the Services and Fee Schedule, click here.

Authority: Government Code, Section 68093, 68096.1, 68097.2(b)
  California Evidence Code, Sections 1560-1567
  California Code of Civil Procedures, Sections 1985-1997
  California Civil Code, Section 1798.33
  Department of Public Health Policy 341 and 560

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