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Maternal, Child, & Adolescent Health Programs

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Nutrition Resources for CPSP Providers
  • March of Dimes: Order pregnancy related education materials, including nutrition; discuss information on exercise, caffeine, cravings, and food to avoid or limit during pregnancy.
  • Folic Acid: Folic acid is a naturally occurring B vitamin that helps prevent serious birth defects. The CA Dept. of Public Health has resources and handouts for patients in English and Spanish.
  • Steps to Take BMI Intervention Chart is a quick guide for counseling women about healthy weight gain during pregnancy.
  • Choose My Plate: Contains up to date nutrition information and resources for all healthy individuals. There are specific resources for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers including daily meal patterns, weight gain recommendations, and tip sheets. Available in English and Spanish.
  • WIC: Provides many useful nutrition resources specifically for pregnant and post partum women and infants and children. Available in English and Spanish.
  • Dairy Council of California: Serves as the dairy industry’s contribution to community health, providing nutrition education programs and resources to improve eating habits.
  • California Diabetes and Pregnancy Program, Sweet Success (CDAPP): Contains resources and information about gestational diabetes.
  • Nasco: Online store selling hands-on nutrition teaching aids and supplies.
  • Noodle Soup: Online store selling low-literacy, affordable materials to promote breastfeeding, perinatal education, postpartum care, immunization, nutrition and early childhood development.
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: provides health and nutrition professionals with the most recent evidence-based nutrition recommendations.
  • California Dietetic Association: A membership association of Registered Dietitians (RDs), Dietetic Technicians Registered (DTRs), and nutrition students dedicated to healthy lifestyles through food decisions and the delivery of effective food and nutrition services by qualified dietetic professionals and association members.
  • Preconception Nutrition-National Agricultural Library-USDA: Women of child bearing age who desire pregnancy, can increase their chances of having a healthy baby. Use this website to identify specific pages on nutrition topics women can follow before or between pregnancies to improve pregnancy outcomes.
  • Health Information Translations: Provides education resources in multiple languages (Korean, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, and many more)  for healthcare professionals and others to use in their communities.  Select health topic "Pregnancy and Baby Care" and choose a subtopic (nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, breastfeeding, high blood pressure, diabetes).
  • DRI Calculator for Healthcare Professionals: Can be used to estimate calorie needs based on age, sex, height, weight, activity level and pregnancy or lactation status.

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    For more information, please call the Los Angeles County CPSP Program office at (213) 639-6419 or email  

    What's New in CPSP

    CPSP Provider Trainings

    LA County is now offering trainings! Click here for more info.

    Syphilis in Women and Congenital Syphilis  

    Los Angeles County has recently seen an increase in the number of syphilis cases among women. These increases have also led to a dramatic increase of congenital syphilis.

    Congenital syphilis is a preventable condition that results from untreated syphilis during pregnancy, with potentially severe consequences for the infected infants including stillbirth, neonatal death, and birth defects.

    Healthcare providers play a critical role in addressing the syphilis epidemic by identifying and treating infected patients. Proper screening at the first prenatal visit, early in the third trimester, and at delivery is key. Click here for our syphilis in women action kit.

    Pertussis (Whooping Cough)

    Pertussis is on the rise. We strongly recommend that CPSP providers offer/refer pregnant patients for Tdap during 3rd trimester to protect newborns from pertussis. Visit CPSP website or to learn more about what your office can do to prevent pertussis.

    Flu Vaccine

    LA County WIC Agencies

    Use our CPSP WIC directory page to locate the nearest WIC site for your clients.

    Be Prepared For Your Quality Assurance Visit! 

    Use this quality assurance checklist to make sure everything is ready to go before your next QA visit.   

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