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Los Angeles County
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Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health Programs
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Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (CPSP)

The Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (CPSP) is an enhanced obstetrical program for Medi-Cal eligible pregnant women that includes health education, nutrition, and psychosocial assessments and interventions. Certified providers have submitted applications to the State Maternal Child Health Branch which have been approved, indicating that they meet all Title 22 CPSP requirements. Any Medi-Cal provider who is in good standing with Medi-Cal and the Medical Board, and is licensed to provide prenatal care, is eligible to apply as a CPSP provider.

Disclaimer: "This is not a list of all approved CPSP providers in Los Angeles County. It contains only those CPSP providers in Los Angeles County (excluding the cities of Pasadena and Long Beach) who are currently offering CPSP services."

To view a list of CPSP providers offering CPSP services in Los Angeles County, excluding Long Beach and Pasadena, click in the corresponding Service Planning Area (SPA) on the map below. These providers should offer CPSP support services to all Medi-Cal pregnant women in their practices. If a provider on this list is identified as not providing CPSP currently, please call the CPSP Administration office at (213) 639-6419. Patients enrolled in a managed care health plan should contact their plan for referral to a contracting physician.

To view CPSP providers by SPA or by City, click on the Map SPA Name below.


What's New in CPSP
Be Prepared For Your Quality Assurance Visit! 

There are three new requirements that we look for during Quality Assurance Visits:
1) Make sure the supervising physician has completed the Provider Oversight Addendum to indicate how they are overseeing CPSP services. Once the form is completed, keep a copy with your protocols and fax or email a copy to our office: (213) 639-1034 or 
2) Steps to Take Guidelines have been updated for 2013. Order or print your copy today!
3) Hospital delivery records are now required as part of the chart review during CPSP QA visits in LA County. This will ensure that CPSP providers are informed of any complications during birth that may affect postpartum care and future pregnancies. The delivery record documentation should be the typewritten discharge summary or a legible copy of the delivery room record, and must include the infantís weight, Apgar scores, the type of delivery, and any complications.

Introducing LA MOMS (Los Angeles Managing Obesity in Moms)

In Los Angeles County 1 in 3 women of reproductive age are overweight or obese, affecting a disproportionately high number of Hispanic and African American women. Maternal overweight and obesity are linked to poor birth outcomes and lower breastfeeding rates. LA MOMs will provide new mothers guidance on nutrition, physical activity, breastfeeding and stress reduction, with the goal of reducing obesity among postpartum women in Los Angeles County. To sign up for the LA MOMS newsletter or refer a new mom to the program, please email .


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