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Diabetes Care Team1

Medical care is more complex for individuals who have diabetes than for those without chronic conditions. People with diabetes must actively participate in their medical care, and work with a variety of health professionals to manage their diabetes and monitor for any complications.

Below is a list of some of the professionals involved in supporting people with diabetes to live a long life free of disease-related complications.

Individual Role
You You are at the forefront of managing your medical care. Only you know your symptoms.
Family and Friends Family and friends are very important members of your healthcare team. They can help with your emotional well-being and support you in case of an emergency.
The Primary Care Provider (PCP) The PCP oversees your general and preventative care, and your first call when you get sick.
Endocrinologist Specializes in treating your diabetes, and may be the one to help if you have trouble controlling your blood sugar, or have severe complications.
Registered Nurse Educator Trained nurse to teach people with diabetes and help them manage their disease.
Registered Dietitian (RD) Trained in medical nutrition therapy and helps people manage their chronic diseases, including diabetes, through their diet.
Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) Trained health professional to teach and care for people with diabetes.
Pharmacist Counsels patients on the prescribed medications, which medications to take, how to take them, and the side-effects the medications may have.
Exercise Specialist Specialist trained in the science of exercise to best help you maximize the benefits and importance of exercise as part of diabetes care.
Social Worker/Support Worker Mental health professionals help with the emotional side of living with diabetes, including assistance finding resources to help with medical or financial needs, situations in the workplace, and family problems
Ophthalmologists (Eye Doctor) Checks your eyes for signs of diabetes related problems and prescribes treatment if needed.
Podiatrist (foot doctor) Checks for and treats foot and lower leg problems, which are common in people with diabetes.


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