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Strategic Plan Overview (2019-2021)

Plan Framework

The following framework for the strategic plan was developed from review of the planning session discussions. The framework is comprised of four areas of focus: Core Work, Partnerships, Capacity and Presence/Visibility.

Goal I: Core Work 

Increase the impact of CHIE products and services by clearly defining their purposes, standardizing project selection criteria, improving community engagement strategies, and monitoring project outputs and outcomes.

•        Clearly define the types of products and services provided and their intended purposes.

•        Clearly articulate criteria and methodology for selecting Health Impact Assessments (HIAs).

•        Clearly define community engagement strategies for each type of project and at specific time points in the process; identify and track measures of community engagement.

•        Apply selection criteria to identify three priority HIA topics annually in collaboration with Center for Health Equity (CHE) Data Advisory Board (DAB).

•        Develop and implement Results-Based-Accountability framework for HIAs conducted by CHIE. Framework will include metrics for tracking HIA process, community engagement, and outcomes.

•        Conduct at least one HIA annually.

•        Conduct at least one additional non-HIA project annually.

•        Write-up and submit results of all HIAs and other projects to peer-reviewed journals for publication.

Goal II: Partnerships 

Develop effective relationships with other programs within DPH and external to DPH, including other LA County departments and relevant community-based organizations (CBOs), in order to increase the reach and relevance of our work.

•        Explore mutual benefits of internal and external relationships in terms of how they can improve CHIE’s work and how that work can benefit internal and external partners.  

•        Conduct outreach meetings with Service Planning Area (SPA)-based staff to share what CHIE does, how it could benefit work in the SPAs, and how SPA staff and their community partners can be engaged in CHIE work.

•        Conduct outreach meetings with County Departments relevant to prioritized HIA topics.

•        Track engagement and satisfaction of internal and external partners with CHIE work.

Goal III: Capacity 

Identify resources and staffing needs required to enhance CHIE’s long-term impact and seek internal and external support to meet needs.

•        Track/identify numbers and types of projects CHIE currently must turn down due to lack of staffing and other resources.

•        Determine resources and staffing needed to be responsive to all potential projects.

•        Justify additional staffing needs to DPH leadership for inclusion in next annual Department budget.

•        Identify additional non-staff resource needs (e.g., data, software, gift card incentives, food and logistical support from CBOs) and develop strategy for seeking foundation support for these resources.

•        Develop criteria for the types of external project-specific funding that would align with CHIE strategic goals.

•        Identify professional development needs and establish professional development goals for CHIE staff in order to enhance the quality of CHIE products and services.

Goal IV: Presence/Visibility 

Increase CHIE's visibility both internally and externally by making products more accessible and website more user-friendly.

•        Regularly update CHIE web site to make it more user friendly and engaging to internal and external audiences.

•        Actively promote updated web site within the department and health agency.

•        Train CHIE staff in use of InDesign to make products look more visually appealing.

•        Develop templates for brief versions of HIA reports that are more accessible to the public.

Strategic Plan Document 

You can view our full strategic plan here.

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