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Performance Improvement Coordinator

Contact Information
Performance Improvement Coordinator
Communicable Disease Control & Prevention Division
Department of Public Health
County of Los Angeles
313 N. Figueroa Street, Room 227
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone:  (213) 989-7161
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Performance Improvement Coordinator
for Communicable Disease Control and Prevention Division (CDCP)

Quality Improvement (QI): is the use of a deliberate and defined improvement process and the continuous and ongoing effort to achieve measurable improvements in the efficiency, effectiveness, performance, accountability, outcomes, and other indicators of quality that improve the health of a community (R. Bialek, L. M. Beitsch, A. Cofsky, et al, Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, 2010).

Performance Management: is actively using performance data to improve the publicís health, including the strategic use of performance standards, measures, progress reports, and ongoing quality improvement efforts to ensure an agency achieves desired results (Turning Point. From Silos to Systems: Using Performance Management to Improve the Publicís Health, 2003).

Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA): is an iterative four-stage problem-solving model for improving a process or carrying out change. PDSA stems from the scientific method (hypothesize, experiment, evaluate). A fundamental principle of PDSA is iteration. Once a hypothesis is supported or negated, executing the cycle again will extend what one has learned (Embracing Quality in Local Public Health, Michiganís QI Guidebook).

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Internal Resources:

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health:
arrow DPH Performance Improvement Program

External Resources:

US Government Site:
Communicable Disease Control and Prevention

arrow CDC: Performance Management and Quality Improvement

Public Health Foundation:
arrowPublic Health Foundation, Performance Management 
arrowPublic Health Foundation, Quality Improvement

Public Health Accreditation:
arrowPublic Health Accreditation Board (PHAB)
arrowPHAB Standards and Measures
(PDF, see Domain 9)

Vision, Mission, Goals
Highly performing CDCP programs with a culture of Quality Improvement 

To reduce the risk factors and disease burdens of preventable communicable diseases for all persons in Los Angeles County by implementing quality improvement methods and tools within CDCP programs. 

To champion Quality Improvement in CDCP programs
To improve the efficiency, effectiveness, quality, and performance of CDCP programs

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