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Communicable Disease Programs & Other Resources

Occupational Public Health

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Bernice Jackson, MD, MPH
ABPM Occupational Medicine     Specialist
Occupational Public Health
Division of Medical & Dental     Affairs
Department of Public Health
County of Los Angeles
313 N. Figueroa St., Rm 227
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Find out which vaccines healthcare workers need.
get CDC healthcare worker vaccine flyer
 Healthcare Worker Vaccine Flyer
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Dialysis Infection Prevention Tools.: The audit tools and checklists below are intended to promote CDC-recommended practices for infection prevention in hemodialysis facilities. The audit tools and checklists can be used by individuals when assessing staff practices. They can also be used by facility staff themselves to help guide their practices.

Environmental Assessment of Foodborne Illness Outbreaks: An e-Learning course that provides training on how to use a systems approach in foodborne illness outbreak environmental assessments
Communicable Disease-Related Occupational Public Health  
                                                                   (updated 5/26/22)

Safety and Health Care Workers Face Communicable Disease Risks

(Correctional Worker Resources - below)

safety workers, responders healthcareworkers

LAC DPH Resources:

image of article on Aerosol Transmissible Disease standard Exposures to an aerosol transmissible disease (ATD) patient resulted in the hospitalization of a medical center employee and a police officer for bacterial meningitis, and resulted in Cal/OSHA fines to their employers. The ATD "standard" (regulation) also covers diseases like Ebola, MERS and TB.
Rx for Prevention Aug 2010 Cal/OSHA Aerosol Transmissible Disease Standard Created to Protect Health Care Workers
arrow Mandatory Disease Reporting:
For Health Professionals To Report a Reportable Disease or Condition
image Preventing TB in Homeless Shelters Guide arrow Preventing Tuberculosis (TB) in Homeless Shelters: A Guide for Preventing and Controlling TB and other Aerosol Transmissible Diseases in Los Angeles County Facilities

MERS                    Ebola graphic
arrowMERS FAQs: English  / Spanish / Korean           
arrowMiddle East Respiratory Syndrome (ACDC)       
arrowEbola FAQs:  English    Spanish         
arrowEbola Main Page (DPH)

External Government Resources:

arrowCal/OSHA (California DIR, Division of Occupational Safety & Health)
     arrow Cal/OSHA Video - Free Consultation Service without employer risk of enforcement action
     arrow Health and Safety Rights: Facts for California Workers (pdf, 4 pp)
     arrow User's Guide to Cal/OSHA (pdf, 22 pages, July 2013)
     arrow Ebola Virus Information
     arrow Bloodborne Pathogens Standard Frequently Asked Questions

CAL/OSHA Communicable Disease Standard Regulations for Employers:
         arrow  Bloodborne Pathogens - 8CCR§5193
arrow  Aerosol Transmissible Diseases - 8 CCR§5199
arrow  Aerosol Transmissible Diseases - Zoonotic - 8CCR§5199.1
arrow  Respiratory Protection - 8CCR§5144
         arrow  Injury and Illness Prevention Program - 8CCR§3203
         arrow  Access to Employee Exposure and Medical Records - 8CCR§3204

OSHA (Federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration):
arrow State Plans: Cal/OSHA vs. Federal OSHA - What's the Difference?
arrow Clinicians: OH Physician Practice, Laws, Ethics, Confidentiality
arrow Federal OSHA:  Infectious Diseases and Healthcare Workers
arrow Federal OSHA: Biological Agents
arrow Federal OSHA Infectious Diseases Rulemaking
arrow OSHA training video: Respiratory Protection for HealthCare Workers
arrow OSHA video collection: Respiratory Protection for various worker hazards
arrow OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard Home Page
arrow Enforcement Directive: Inspection Procedures for Respiratory Protection Standard
arrow OSHA Training Institute (OTI) Education Centers in California

California Department of Public Health (CDPH):
arrow CDPH Occupational Health Branch
arrow Respirator Use in Health Care Workplaces - A Toolkit

CDC - US DHHS Center for Disease Control and Prevention
arrow TB 101 for Health Care Workers
arrow CDC NIOSH Healthcare Workers
arrow CDC NIOSH Science Blog: Workplace Medical Mystery: What Sent a Pregnant Prison Worker to the Hospital?
         arrow Interactive Core Curriculum on Tuberculosis: What the Clinician Should Know
         arrow FIND TB RESOURCES: About the Site

Non-Governmental External Resources  

American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM)
arrow ACOEM Code of Ethics
arrow Confidentiality of Medical Information in the Workplace
arrow ACOEM Online Learning

Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics:
arrow Employee Occupational Health Clinic Patient Bill of Rights

Curry International Tuberculosis Center
arrow TB Radiology Practice Cases

arrow Postprimary TB Lung Imaging

Web-based Training: Infectious Disease, OSHA, etc.
arrowBloodborne Pathogens Standard, FedOSHA: 
        ( Nurse CEUs - Wild Iris Medical Education)

arrowNetCE Continuing Education: 
        (Online free courses, affordable CME )

Correctional / Detention Facility & Operations
Communicable Disease Risks:

US Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, National Institute of Corrections (US DOJ FBOP NIC):

arrow California Correctional System Overview


     arrow  FBOP Report on Infectious Disease Management
         - a model
     arrow  FBOP Interim Ebola Protocol
     arrow  FBOP Seasonal Influenza Guidance, December 2018

CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention Correctional Health:

     arrow CDC Correctional Health Webpage
     arrow CDC Correctional Health Recommendations and Guidance

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation:
    arrow California Correctional Health Care Services Care Guides/ Guidelines

CDPH/CTCA Joint TB Guidelines (California Department of Public Health and California TB Controllers Association):
    arrow Coordination of TB Prevention and Control by Local and State Health Departments and California Correctional Health Services, 2015
     arrow Guidelines for the Civil Detention of Persistently Non-Adherent Tuberculosis Patients in California (might not be current; consult your local health department)

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department:
    arrow Correctional Health Services

Tuberculosis (TB) Control
Norovirus food worker infographic
Food Handlers Make People Sick?
Prevent Norovirus
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