Acute Communicable Disease Control
Automated Disease Surveillance Section

The Automated Disease Surveillance Section (ADSS), provides surveillance of diseases in Los Angeles County through a variety of electronic systems from a range of sources including hospitals and laboratories. ADSS monitors these systems daily which helps to provide an early detection of disease outbreaks and assist in monitoring of the population's health in Los Angeles County.

Syndromic Surveillance

Syndromic surveillance is an electronic early disease detection system which uses emergency department data. Since 2003, disease outbreaks and illnesses of public health importance have been monitored using this system. More information regarding syndromic surveillance methods can be found at the following websites:

Meaningful Use

NOTE: The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health does not currently have the capability to receive syndromic surveillance messages from private providers or medical groups in accordance with meaningful use criteria.

For inquiries please email: meaningfuluse@ph.lacounty.gov


Web Visual Confidential Morbidity Reporting (vCMR) System

WebvCMR is an electronic reporting system for communicable diseases. It's main purpose is to make disease reporting, investigation, and tracking more efficient for LACDPH's disease control programs. WebvCMR manages the investigative cycle of a disease or outbreak from date of onset to the final resolution.