Department of Public Health
About Us

Mission Statement

Los Angeles County residents are free of preventable infectious disease (excluding TB, STD, and HIV); Public Health is prepared to meet the challenge of emerging diseases.

Vision Statement

To prevent and control infectious disease (excluding TB, STD, and HIV) in Los Angeles County by implementing tools for surveillance, outbreak response, education, and preparedness activities.

ACDC Strategic Plan 2014

About ACDC

ACDC's mission is to reduce the incidence of communicable disease (other than TB, STDs, and AIDS) in Los Angeles County through prevention, surveillance, and outbreak control. The ongoing goals of ACDC include the following:

Communicable Disease Surveillance and Control

  • conduct surveillance for over 60 diseases and disease syndromes
  • investigate disease outbreaks and recommend control measures
  • conduct special studies and projects
  • produce annual reports, special analyses, and procedure manuals
Communicable Disease Policy and Coordination

  • set policy and make procedure recommendations for Department activities related to infectious and communicable diseases
  • interpret and enforce state and federal laws and regulations
  • interface with other local (cities, universities), state, national, and federal agencies, and programs concerned with public health (see Links), and participate in national forums.
Communicable Disease-Related Training

  • serve as a consultant to the medical community on issues of communicable and infectious diseases
  • provide professional education to doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals
  • train medical doctors from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS), and preventive medicine residents from UCLA, California Department of Health Services training programs, health care professionals, and others
Public Education

  • proactively educate and address concerns and inquiries of the news media on communicable disease

  • apply for additional funding from outside agencies in order to support mission

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