Acute Communicable Disease Control

Web Visual Confidentiality Morbidity Report (WebvCMR)

About WebvCMR

WebvCMR is an electronic reporting system for communicable diseases. It's main purpose is to make disease reporting, investigation, and tracking more efficient for Disease Control Programs in Los Angeles County. WebvCMR manages the investigative cycle of a disease or outbreak from date of onset to the final resolution.

ACDC contracted with a private software company, Atlas Development, to design custom software to replace the old CD reporting system. vCMR was converted to a full web-based application using Microsoft.NET technology in September 2005.

Special Features Include:
  • Link CMR communicable disease incidents to regional outbreaks
  • Determine data-edit permission by security levels
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Centralized receipt of all incoming reports (fax, telephone, and Internet)
  • Ability to export data to SAS, Excel, Access, and other analytical software
  • Automation of routine data functions, such as Soundex names matching, census tracking, and duplicate checking.
  • Coordination of disease reports with foodborne illness reports and outbreaks in a single database
Expected Benefits
  • Increase in CMR reports by simplifying the reporting process
  • Better quality control leading to more accurate data
  • More rapid response at each level of the investigation and review
Additional Features
  • Ad hoc reports using Crystal Reports
  • Auditing: every change can be tracked by time and person
  • Foodborne Illness Report can be linked to CMR cases and outbreaks.
  • Process Status: indicates the investigation status, name of user who changed status, date and time change was made, and number of days at each status.
  • Standard Reports: by district, disease, investigation status, and date range.
  • System Message: method to alert all users regarding new system functionality
  • Web-based reporting of disease cases from medical providers
  • Web-based reporting of foodborne illness complaints from the public
  • Electronic reporting from laboratory information systems

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