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Educational brochures
Group of animals
pdf icon1Coccidioidomycosis (Valley Fever) (2007)
pdf icon 23Heartworm - Protect your pet (Eng/Esp) (2017)
pdf icon 24Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis in Dogs (2008-2009)
pdf icon 25Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis Update (Feb 2009)
pdf icon 26Influenza in Animals (2009)
pdf icon 27Influenza, Canine (2007)
pdf icon 28Influenza, Avian - and Your Chickens (2006)
pdf icon 29Influenza, Avian - and Your Pet Birds (2006)
pdf icon 30Influenza, Avian and Public Parks (2006)
pdf icon 31Influenza, Avian and Wild Birds (2006)
pdf icon 32Nasal Mites - Canine (2008)
pdf icon 33Onchocerca lupi - Have you seen a case? (2013)
Protect your dog from Parvo (2014) pdf icon 34English/pdf icon 35Español 
pdf icon 36Rabies Tales from Los Angeles County (cartoon, 2009)
pdf icon 38Rabid Bat Advisory (2007)
pdf icon 39Rabies and Bats, CDC (2001)
pdf icon 39Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in Dogs (2007)
Salmonella - pdf icon 40Before You Buy That Cute Little Turtle (black and white, 2008)
Salmonella - pdf icon 41Before You Buy That Cute Little Turtle (color, 2008)
Salmonella - pdf icon 42Turtles -Did You Know (black and white)
Salmonella - pdf icon 43Turtles -Did You Know (color)
pdf icon 44Salmon Poisoning Disease in Dogs, En Español (2011)
pdf icon 45West Nile Virus - Horses
pdf icon 45
Rabies Kids Activity Book (2017)


pdf icon 45Puppy Mills Go Global (2007)
Where Did Your Puppy Come From (2014) pdf icon 46English/pdf icon 47Español

Flea-borne typhus - (2018)


pdf icon 48Dog Bite Prevention Quick Tips (2008)
pdf icon 49Guide to Animal Bites (2008)
pdf icon 50Guía Acerca de Mordidas de Animales (Spanish, 2008)
pdf icon 2Most Dog Bites Preventable (2007)
Preventing Dog Bites (2015) pdf icon 3English/pdf icon 4Español

pdf icon5Disease & Disaster Preparedness, Horse Owners (2007)
pdf icon6Information for Pets Owners in Disasters (2007)
Pet Emergency Preparedness - FAQs pdf icon7English/pdf icon 37Español


pdf icon8Disease & Disaster Preparedness, Horse Owners (2007)
Smoking and Pets (2011) pdf icon9English  pdf icon10En Español
Pets and Ebola (2014) English  En Español


7 tips for keeping your pets healthy (2014) pdf icon11English/ pdf icon12Español
pdf icon13Don't Abandon Your Dog! (2015) (Page 1 in English/Página 2 en Español)
Healthy Pets, Healthy Families (2014) pdf icon 14English/pdf icon15Español

Walking for Health - Keeping you and your dog fit (2014) pdf icon16English/ pdf icon17Español

Lead Poisoning in Pets (2019) pdf icon11 English/Spanish

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