Eligibility for Services

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Whether you are a parent, caregiver, provider or member of the general public, the links below can help you find child development resources. These have been reviewed by HMG LA staff. Please review carefully to see if they are right for you. Keep checking! We regularly add new resources. Feel free to share with friends, colleagues, and networks.

Eligibility for Services

Statewide network of Family Resource Centers, including an interactive map to help locate offices in your community.

Disability Rights California is a nonprofit legal services organization that helps families of people with disabilities with information and advocacy. Learn tips from DRC to help you and your family advocate to healthcare and other services.Learn information about the rules for private insurance for Early Start services.

Search for a family resource center through the Early Start Family Resource Center Network of Los Angeles County.

Provides help with health care insurance enrollment, troubleshooting, and utilization. If you need help accessing health care, contact a CHOI partner in your area.

Learn about developmental disabilities, who is eligible for regional center services, and how to show the regional center your child is eligible for services.

Search for the Regional Center nearest you by entering your zip code or view a single page with addresses and phone numbers for all LA Regional Centers.

Prepare for a regional center eligibility hearing for children age three and older who have been denied regional center eligibility.

The Resource and Referral Agency provides assistance at no cost to help parents find childcare that best fits the family’s needs. This may include referrals to Head Start and/or Early Head Start, if family meets income eligibility requirements or child has an IFSP or IEP.

Team of Advocates for Special Kids (TASK) is a nonprofit organization that provides special education support for people with disabilities from birth to age 26 and their families. TASK supports all disabilities. The TASK Parent Training and Information (PTI) Center, funded through the US Department of Education, Office of Special Education, is the largest in southern California. Los Angeles County is one of the six southern California counties served.

Early Start Baby Line: 800-515-BABY (2229)

This phone line is staffed by people who work for the state Early Start program; they can help trouble-shoot if parents are having difficulty with enrollment in Early Start services for a child age 0 - 3 with developmental concerns.

These parent-led organizations provide training, information, and advocacy support to families regarding special education.

This is a program of Disability Rights California that focuses on legal rights related to Regional Center services. They provide information and legal assistance. Each Regional Center has a Client’s Rights Advocate to help families get the services their child has a right to.

This is a parent-run organization that supports families who have a child with autism or other developmental disabilities.

This organization provides legal assistance regarding special education.

This organization provides information and training to Latino families on how to obtain services for all persons with disabilities. In addition, training is provided to professionals who work with these families.

This organization provides support, information, and guidance for families, who have a relative who has been diagnosed with any type of developmental disability, and to unify them through special events and counseling services.

This organization provides culturally and linguistically relevant services to empower monolingual and bilingual Chinese American families/caretakers with special needs individuals through advocacy, community education, resources and social network support, and to improve the quality of life of special needs individuals.

This organization provides assistance to the parents and families of children with special needs in the Japanese-speaking community. Primary among the activities is the exchange of information regarding available services and programs through regularly scheduled meetings, seminars, e-mails and newsletters. Through related groups, JSPACC has access to a variety of professional speakers, consultants and referral information.

This organization is dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the life span, for the needs of individuals with autism and their families, through advocacy and support; increasing understanding and acceptance of people with autism; and advancing research into causes and better interventions for autism spectrum disorder and related conditions.

This organization provides support to individuals and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD); to empower them in self-advocacy by way of education, camaraderie and support; and to educate the Armenian Community for a full and meaningful integration of all individuals.

This organization helps to create pathways for teens and adults with autism so that they can develop meaningful relationship, secure desired employment, and find affordable housing while being as self-sufficient as possible.

This organization enhances the quality of life of individuals with Down syndrome by fostering family engagement, encouraging connections, and providing information while promoting inclusion, acceptance and awareness of individuals with Down syndrome.

This organization promotes public awareness of Fragile X Syndrome with special emphasis on educators and health professionals; provide a forum for families and children with Fragile X to meet and share their ideas, concerns and problems; and support scientific research on Fragile X Syndrome.

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