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You Play a Vital Role in Your Child's Developmental Health

We all want what's best for our children. You're not alone. HMG LA is here for you to help your child thrive. Help Me Grow LA connects all families to free or low-cost programs to help your child's development. HMG LA also provides resources, tips and tools to help you support your child's developmental milestones and skills.

Your Child's Early Development is a Journey

As your child grows, he/she learns to eat, walk and talk. If they do so at certain time points, we say they are reaching their developmental milestones. Knowing about milestones can help you check that your child's development is on-track. Think of them as guidelines for what to expect. Although, each child develops and learns at their own pace, tracking your child's development can give you confidence that your child is doing well, and let you know if there may be a delay.

Track your child's milestones and share them with their doctor at every visit.

Visit the Early Start Tools page for more languages.


The Importance of Developmental Screenings

Developmental screenings are a set of questions your child's doctor, nurse, teacher or other professional gives you to take a closer look at how your child is developing. This usually happens at the 9, 18 and 24 (or 30) months well-child visit. As the expert of your child, you will complete the questions during your child's well visit. Be sure to ask if your provider doesn't bring it up. If there are any concerns, your child may be sent to a trained specialist for a more in-depth check of their development.

Screenings are available to families at no cost through the Easter Seals Make the First Five Count initiative. Families can complete an Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) for free and receive an analysis for discussion with your child's health provider. You can then review the prep-sheet with your provider. Contact your child's doctor if you are concerned about any areas of your child's development. It is important to talk with your child's doctor to find out if your child's possible delay may be from a health-related condition. The sooner you share your concerns, the earlier your child can get interventions that can help your child catch up.

For checklists, growth charts and tips for talking with your child's doctor, visit our Resources Page.


"Help Me Grow is friendly, fast, and free – they are your developmental milestone partner."

- Fran Goldfarb, HMG LA Community & Family Engagement Council member