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Emergency Preparedness and Response Program


Emergency Preparedness and Response


Emergency Preparedness and
Response Program
Los Angeles County
Department of Public Health
600 S. Commonwealth Ave., Suite 700
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(213) 637-3600
(213) 381-0006 FAX

Public Callers who would like to reach the Emergency Preparedness and Response Program or a report a public health issue may also call 2-1-1 anytime.


Vision and Mission
Our Vision: Los Angeles County residents are protected from the public health consequences of both natural and intentional emergencies.

Our Mission: To prevent and mitigate the public health consequences of natural or intentional emergencies for Los Angeles County residents through threat assessment, planning, improved operational readiness, and timely response.
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With more than 10 million residents living in LA County, an area measuring 4,089 square miles, The Department of Public Health will need the assistance of the community to prepare for and respond to emergencies.

Will you know what to do?

Fires. Wind storms. Earthquakes. Floods. When you live in Los Angeles County, you know emergencies do happen. Nobody can predict the next one, but you can be ready.

Get to know your neighbors. Say hello. It’s a small step, but connecting with your neighbors could save your life some day.     

It may be hard to get to know them with everyone’s busy schedules, but it’s important. In an emergency you or your neighbor might provide support that could be life saving.  

Research shows that if neighbors know one another and prepare together for emergencies, the chances of survival are improved.   

So say hello and connect with your community.

Know your neighbors.

Plan together.

Be ready.   

Or, consider joining the Department of Public Health in its preparedness and response efforts. Check out our Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) and Public Health Emergency Volunteer (PHEV) Network Websites here.

  • MRC Los Angeles is comprised of medical, health, dental, mental health and other skilled professionals organized and trained to assist during public health emergencies.
  • The PHEV Network works with established community volunteer units that assist in responding to public health emergencies by creating a system to engage, train and deploy these groups.
  • YOU are a vital part of your local emergency preparedness effort!

    Know Your Neighbors link Plan Together link Be Ready link

    For more information about community preparedness and for some tips on how to get to know your neighbors, go to, or


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