Health Study Research & Data

A wealth of information and data on the Aliso Canyon blowout and gas storage facility operations exists. Below, please find a number of resources related to research and data that currently exists.

Environmental Reports, Sampling & Assessment Resources

Community Radiation Sampling

Public Health's Radiation Management team previously tested materials in waste bins from the Aliso Canyon blowout and well-control operations. The levels of radiation found were very low and within naturally existing background levels. These low levels of radiation do not pose an immediate health risk. Prior results are available below.

In response to requests from the community, Public Health's Radiation Management team is doing additional testing./p>

A virtual webinar was held on January 9 to present the draft sampling plan and address questions from residents of the northwestern neighborhoods of the San Fernando Valley. Additionally, feedback and recommendations on sampling locations were accepted from the community through January 30, 2023. The Radiation Management team is currently reviewing the recommendations and finalizing the sampling plan.

If you have any questions, please contact the Public Health Radiation Management Team at

Exploratory Analysis of Selected Blood Test Results (2022)

Gas blowout and well-control chemicals/materials: reports, waste manifests, data sheets, sampling results, and survey results (2016-2021)

Expanded Air Monitoring Program (2016)

Public Health Assessment (2016)

Catch Basin 3 Spot Fire Investigation

Other Resources