Scientific Oversight Committee

The settlement with the Southern California Gas Company mandates Public Health to form a Scientific Oversight Committee to guide the Health Research Study.

Role of the Scientific Oversight Committee

The Scientific Oversight Committee will:

  1. Provide guidance on the Study’s focus and priorities;
  2. Review research plans and evaluate progress; and
  3. Provide scientific advice to Public Health and researchers.

Public Health will provide opportunities for the Community Advisory Group and Scientific Oversight Committee to collaborate. The Scientific Oversight Committee also provides a structure for community members to have access to experts who can provide information on health concerns and related research opportunities. Public Health will direct the Scientific Oversight Committee to prioritize research that is valued by the community and that aids in community recovery.

At the end of the Health Research Study’s third year, the Scientific Oversight Committee will, in consultation with the Community Advisory Group, analyze and determine if the Health Research Study should continue.


The Scientific Oversight Committee includes experts in the areas of environmental health, public health and other related research fields, who will provide guidance on research design and implementation, monitoring of progress, and interpretation of findings. In addition to independent experts (appointed through a public nomination process), the Scientific Oversight Committee includes representatives of the following agencies:

Scientific Oversight Committee members’ expertise reflect concerns identified by community members and other stakeholders. The following areas of expertise were identified as meeting these concerns: Environmental Epidemiology, Disaster Epidemiology, Toxicology, Community-Based Research, Exposure Assessment, Disaster Behavioral Health, Environmental Science, and Air Modeling. Experience in oil, gas and related chemicals research was also encouraged.

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  1. Scientific Oversight Committee Introductory Scoping Meeting Agenda, Notes, and Meeting Materials