Community Input and Involvement: A Continuum

Prior to the selection of the research team, Public Health led community outreach through community engagement events, such as open houses, town halls, and public meetings allowing for vital input to be gathered from the community, which aided in the identification of potential health impacts of concern and priority areas of focus for the Health Study. During the research phase of the Health Study, UCLA will be leading community engagement efforts.

Community Input: Questions, Concerns, and Priorities

Community Advisory Group (CAG)

The CAG provides feedback to Public Health on the Health Study development efforts.

The CAG has been involved in the Health Study development process by identifying areas of community concern for the research, keeping apprised of the Health Study's status, informing the community, and providing feedback to Public Health and the Scientific Oversight Committee (SOC), the scientific experts who are overseeing the Health Study.

The CAG advised Public Health and the SOC on:

Composition of the CAG

In 2019, Public Health formed the CAG to act as representatives of the diverse communities impacted by the Aliso Canyon Disaster. In its current composition, the CAG consists of 12 members from local stakeholder groups - such as schools, environmental groups, social clubs, interest groups, and health and social service providers- selected from a variety of North San Fernando Valley communities.

Past Meetings