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Each year, the Division of HIV and STD Programs submits and publishes articles and abstracts that detail disease progression and morbidity for HIV and STDs in Los Angeles County populations.  Below is a list of the publications beginning in 2001 through 2012.

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  • HIV Testing Behaviors of a Cohort of HIV-Positive Racial/Ethnic Minority YMSMPDF Icon

  • Sayles, J.N., Rurangirwa, J., Kim, M., Kinsler, J., Oruga, R., and Janson, M. (2012). Operationalizing Treatment as Prevention in Los Angeles County: Antiretroviral Therapy Use and Factors Associated with Unsuppressed Viral Load in the Ryan White System of Care.  AIDS Patient Care and STDs, 26 (8), 463-70.

  • Harawa, N.T., McCuller, W.J., Chavers, C., and Janson M. (2012).  HIV Risk Behaviors Among Black/African American and Hispanic/Latina Femaile Partners of Men Who Have Sex with Men and Women.  AIDS and Behavior, 10.

  • Hoyt D'Anna, L., Nguyen, H.H., Reynolds, G.L., Fisher, D.G., Janson, M., Chen, C., and Mallote, C.K. (2012).  The Relationship Between Sexual Minority Verbal Harassment and Utilization of Health Services: Results from Countywide Risk Assessment Survey (CRAS) 2004.  Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services, 24(2): 119-139.

  • Scheer, S., Hughes, A., Tejero, J., Damesyn, M.A., Mark, K.E., Arguello, A.T., Wohl, A.R..  (2012) HIV Patients in Care in California: Regional Differences Among the California Medical Monitoring Project Sites 2007-2008.  Open AIDS Journal, Suppl 1: M21, 213-223.

  • Hu, Y.W., Kinsler, J.J, Sheng, Z., Kang, T., Bingham, T., Frye, D.M.  (August 2012) Using Laboratory Surveillance Data to Estimate Engagement in Care Among Persons Living with HIV in Los Angeles County, 2009. AIDS Patient Care and STDs, 26(8): 471-478. Epub 2012 June 25.

  • Rurangirwa, J., Bingham, T.A., Kim, J., Hu, Y.W., Bing, E.G.  (August 13, 2012) Late HIV Detection Among Adult Males in Los Angeles County, 2000-2004. AIDS Care, Epub ahead of print.

  • Hightow-Weidman, L.B., Wohl, A.R., Outlaw, A., Phillips, G., Hidalgo, J., LeGrand, S., Fields, S. Patterns of HIV Disclosure and Condom Use Among HIV-Infected Young Racial/Ethnic Minority Men who Have Sex with Men.  AIDS and Behavior, published online October 9, 2012.

  • Phillips, G., Outlaw, A.Y., Hightow-Weidman, L.B., Wohl, A.R., Fields, S., Halpern-Felsher, B., Arya, M. (2012) HIV Testing Behaviors of a Cohort of HIV-Positive Racial/Ethnic Minority YMSM.  AIDS and Behavior, 16(7): 1917-1925.

  • DeRosa, C.J., Jeffries, R.A., Afifi, A.A., Cumberland, W.G., Chung, E.Q., Kerndt, P.R., Ethier, K.A., Martinez, E., Loya, R.V., Dittus, P.J. (Dec. 2012) Improving the Implementation of Condom Availability Program in Urban High Schools. Journal of Adolescent Health, 51(6); 572-579.

  • Rudy, E., Aynalem, G., Cross, J., Ramirez, F., Bolan, R.K., Kerndt, P.R.  (Sept. 2012) Community-Embedded Disease Intervention Specialist Program for Syphilis Partner Notification in a Clinic Serving Men who Have Sex with Men.  Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 39(9): 701-705.


  • Early Linkage and Retention in Care: Findings from the Outreach, Linkage, and Retention in Care Initiative Among Young Men of Color Who have Sex with MenPDF Icon

  • A Youth-Focused Case Management Intervention to Engage and Retain Young Gay Men of Color in HIV CarePDF Icon

  • Mark Malek, John Costumbrado, Garrett Cox, Armidia Miranda, A. Nelson El Amin, Ali Stirland. Immunization program in the largest U.S. jail: Protecting the highest risk individuals against influenza and hepatitis. International Conference and Exhibition on Vaccines & Vaccination 22-24, November 2011, Philadelphia

  • Alfonsi GA, Datta SD, Mickiewicz T, Koutsky LA, Ghanem K, Hagensee M, Kerndt P, et al. Prevalence of high-risk HPV types and abnormal cervical cytology in American Indian/Alaska Native women, 2003-2005. Public Health Rep. May-Jun 2011;126(3):330-337.

  • Delaney KP, Heffelfinger JD, Wesolowski LG, Owen SM, Meyer WA, 3rd, Kennedy S, Uniyal A, Kerndt PR, et al. Performance of an alternative laboratory-based algorithm for HIV diagnosis in a high-risk population. J Clin Virol. Oct 22, 2011.

  • Ghanem KG, Datta SD, Unger ER, Hagensee M, Shlay JC, Kerndt P, et al. The association of current hormonal contraceptive use with type-specific HPV detection. Sex Transm Infect. Aug 2011;87(5):385-388.

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  • Delaney KP, Branson BM, Uniyal A, Phillips S, Candal D, Owen SM, Kerndt PR. Evaluation of the Performance Characteristics of 6 Rapid HIV Antibody Tests. Clinical Infectious Diseases. 2011; 52(2): 257-263.

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  • Steinberg J, Grella C, Boudov M, Kdrnka C, Kerndt P. Methamphetamine use and high risk sexual behaviors among incarcerated female adolescents with a diagnosed STD. Urban Health. 2011; 88(2): 352-364.


  • Transmitted HIV-1 Drug Resistance Among Young Men of Color Who have Sex with Men: A Multicenter Cohort AnalysisPDF Icon

  • De Rosa CJ, Ethier KA, Kim DH, Cumberland WG, Afifi AA, Kotlerman J, Loya RV, Kerndt PR. Sexual intercourse and oral sex among public middle school students: prevalence and correlates. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health. 2010; 42(3): 197-205.

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  • Characteristics Associated with Retention among African American and Latino Adolescent HIV-Positive Men: Results from the Outreach, Care and Prevention to Engage HIV Seropositive Young MSM of Color Special Project of National Significance InitiativePDF Icon

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  • Increasing HIV Testing Among Latinos by Bundling HIV Testing and Other TestsPDF Icon

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