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Los Angeles County began its endeavor to develop an L.A. branded condom in 2010.  Through a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Department of Public Health was required to develop a condom distribution program.  After research and discussions with New York City's (NYC) Health Department, which developed a very successful condom distribution program using a NYC branded condom, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Division of HIV and STD Programs (DHSP) set out to not only distribute condoms, but to create interest and buzz around this new condom program by introducing an L.A. Condom with the goal of increasing condom use and awareness of HIV and STDs.  There were multiple facets to the campaign:

  1. DHSP felt strongly that any new condom design should be community driven.   This directive resulted in the development of a condom design contest in which L.A. County residents were invited to submit designs for the new L.A. Condom wrapper.   A L.A. Condom website was established and the community was invited to submit designs via social media.  Twelve winning designs were used on one million and one condoms. 

  2. It was important to create a condom campaign that was fun and edgy with the goal of encouraging condom use and alerting the community that free condoms are available.

  3. We try to meet people where they are.  A motor home was wrapped to create a "condom mobile" that drives to various events (concerts, fairs, beach events, etc.) in L.A. County to pass out condoms.  Additionally, businesses and community organizations are invited to support the cause and be a location where people can pick up free condoms.  Finally, social media is used extensively to reach young adults and to let the community know where condoms can be found and where the condom mobile will be next.

And the winner is...

The "Suit Up, L.A." design was the  condom wrapper design contest in which over 185,000 people voted! There were nine runners-up, and two "Friend's of L.A. County" that are also in production.  See all the winning designs that are available for free throughout the County.

Current Campaign

The current campaign is titled, "Active and Healthy" and features players from various gay sports leagues in Los Angeles.  The campaign's slogan is a play on the message that people can choose to stay sexually active and simultaneously protect themselves and others from HIV and other STDs, thereby preserving their health and the health of their partner(s).

Various Campaign Images and Designs

For more information, including how to use different types of condoms (male, female, dental dams) and where to find free condoms, click here!  Also, you can "Like" us on and follow campaign updates.

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