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COVID-19 Vaccine

Checklist & Guidance for Vaccination Partners


Dear Colleagues,

For locations conducting onsite vaccinations, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) has developed a list of planning and training steps in preparation for the delivery of COVID-19 vaccine. This guidance checklist will prepare you to implement the required steps to providing the vaccine safely and efficiently to individuals.

We greatly appreciate your partnership in this critical effort.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Vaccine Preventable Disease Control Program at LACIPInfo@ph.lacounty.gov DPH will also be providing “office hours” to answer any questions you may have.


COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Outreach Team
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

General Education & Resources

All staff designated to participate in the administration of COVID-19 vaccine should gain an understanding of the storage, handing and other practices specific to COVID-19 vaccine and immunization. Please view the following training and guidance.

Reporting Systems

Enrollment in the State Immunization Information System (IIS) or California Immunization Registry (CAIR) is a condition of participation in the state’s COVID – 19 vaccine programs. In addition, Vaccination Partners administering COVID – 19 vaccine will be required to document COVID – 19 vaccines in PrepMod.

CDPH Reporting Requirement Overview

Enroll in CAIR

Those who require CAIR enrollment: http://cairweb.org/enroll-now/.

  • Instructions for Enrolling in CAIR
  • Some Vaccination Partners may already be enrolled in CAIR; organizations that are uncertain of their enrollment status should contact their Local CAIR Representative or the CAIR Help Desk, both of which are noted on the CAIR enrollment webpage.
    • Please see attached specific instructions for enrolling in CAIR; it is important to follow the instructions to prevent substantial delays in CAIR access approval. If your facility/site accidentally submitted an application for regular CAIR access or if you requested CAIR user accounts, please follow up with your Local CAIR Representative to indicate your plans to use PrepMod.
    • If your COVIDReadi registration is pending, please check your storage and temperature device If this is a barrier to your registration, there are many relatively inexpensive options available on shopping platforms that can be delivered quickly. You can update the details in your registration immediately before unit arrival
Enroll in CalVax

Current COVID CalVax Providers

If you are already a COVID vaccine provider, you will receive an email from CalVax (no-reply-calvax@cdph.ca.gov) prompting you to log in for the first time and change your password. You cannot access the system without this email. You must log in within seven days or your temporary password will expire.

If you did not receive an email, be sure to check your junk and spam folders or search your inbox for an email from no-reply-calvax@cdph.ca.gov. If you still have issues or miss the login window, email the COVID Call Center at covidcallcenter@cdph.ca.gov or call (833) 502-1245. Call Center hours are Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Clinic Registration and Management in PrepMod

PrepMod is a secure, online application also has useful features for running mass Covid-19 vaccination clinics, including clinic set-up, vaccine inventory management, and the ability for patients to schedule appointments and consent online.

See CDPH PrepMod Training and Resources

Receiving & Transporting Vaccine

Identify a designated vaccine storage site and appropriate temperature monitoring unit.
Create protocol to monitor storage unit temperatures twice a day and create a log to document AM and PM temperatures.
Steps for Receiving Vaccine
  • Verify number of doses/vials received.
  • Make sure vaccine was transported at the appropriate temperature.
  • Store vaccine in designated storage unit.
  • Complete sign – off sheet
DPH Pickup Checklist

Vaccination Partners that are receiving vaccine from DPH will be notifed when their allocation is ready for pick – up. DPH will distribute vaccine from our main warehouse at 313 N. Figueroa, LA 90012. Please follow these steps when picking – up your vaccine:

  • Enter the parking garage from the Figueroa Street entrance and check in with the attendant.
  • Inform the attendant you are picking up vaccine and sign – in. Parking is free.
  • Proceed down the structure to the basement loading dock and park in the 20-minute parking spots. DO NOT park at the loading dock.
  • Walk to the loading dock. Please make sure to bring your cooler and boxes to receive your vaccine.
Other key resources/information:

Vaccine Administration - Preparation

Create list of all staff and/or residents who will be vaccinated and register them in PrepMod when creating the clinic/vaccination event.

Create a schedule for staff vaccination including staggering


Develop standing orders/standardized procedures for vaccine administration.
Develop or use internal procedures to obtain assent or consent for staff and/or residents

Every recipient must receive a EUA fact sheet (Pfizer and Moderna fact sheets available in 20 languages). Persons receiving the vaccine must assent to vaccination. Consent is neither required nor prohibited.

Create procedure to document declinations for staff
Separate and store PPE and vaccine administration supplies

Ensure additional vaccine administration supplies are available: PPE, sharps containers, alcohol wipes, cotton balls, and additional safety syringes.


Plan for adverse reactions


Create return to work and testing protocol
Ensure emergency cart supplies

Ensure emergency cart supplies are sufficient for treating adverse reactions. (i.e. Benadryl, Epinephrine)

Familiarize staff with the VAERS reporting system and reportable events.
Identify fixed site(s) within your facility to administer vaccine for staff and/or residents
Identify a mobile mechanism within your facility to administer vaccine for staff and/or residents who are mobile
Identify team compositions


  • Field Operations Guide (FOG) (pending)
Review best practices for immunizations with staff and train staff in advance or use just in time training.
Ensure staff are appropriately trained to identify age

Ensure staff are appropriately trained to identify age – appropriate anatomical sites for intramuscular (IM) injections.

Ensure staff is using proper hand hygiene

Ensure staff is using proper hand hygiene (e.g. wash hands for 20 seconds before administering vaccines, change gloves between patients, and anytime they become soiled). (See CDC hand hygiene recommendations)

Begin engaging and provide COVID-19 vaccine resources for staff and residents

Frequently Asked Questions LAC DPH

Talking to Patients About COVID – 19 Vaccines CDC

V-Safe: Get Vaccinated Flyer - 2-Page Flyer, 1-Page Summary

Develop system to generate reminders to administer second dose at the designated interval.
Create a process to reconcile vaccination with your facility’s MAR.

Vaccine Administration

Download Registration List from PrepMod
Confirm recipient eligibility

Confirm registration

Verify contraindications and precautions to vaccination.

Prepare vaccine prior to administration


Expiration Dates and COVID-19 vaccines

The expiration date should be checked prior to preparing or administering vaccine. Expired vaccine or diluent should NEVER be used. As additional stability data become available, the expiration dates for some products may change. Follow the instructions below to determine the expiration date:

  • ModernaCOVID-19 vaccine: To determine the expiration date, providers can scan the QR code located on the vial or carton or access the manufacturer’s website directly, enter the lot number and the expiration date will be displayed. CDC’s COVID-19 Vaccine Expiration Date Tracking Tool can help providers keep track of the expiration date by lot number.
  • Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine: This vaccine product has an expiration date located on the vaccine vial. CDC will be updating VTrckS effective immediately to replace the placeholder date in VTrckS with the actual expiration date.
Ensure staff administering vaccine are following the Seven (7) Rights of vaccine administration:
  • Right patient
  • Right time
  • Right medication
  • Right dose
  • Right route and technique
  • Right site
  • Right documentation

Report all administration errors per facility protocol and take corrective action immediately. Report vaccine errors to the Vaccine Error Reporting Program (VERP)

Report any adverse reactions to VAERS and document per your facilities protocol.

Report any needlestick injuries per facility protocol and refer for medical treatment and evaluation if needed.

Encourage staff and residents to enroll in v-safe


V-Safe: Get Vaccinated Flyer - 2-Page Flyer, 1-Page Summary

Dispose of used needles and syringes in sharps containers immediately after vaccination
Document vaccines administered in PrepMod and update Vaccine Finder and CAIR
Provide Patient with Documentation of Vaccination
Monitor vaccine recipients for the recommend duration after vaccination for adverse reactions


Close clinic in PrepMod within 24 hours. (See PrepMod Training video and module for instructions)
Reconcile vaccination records with your facility’s MAR and begin 2nd dose administration planning

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