Emergency Preparedness and Response Division


Emergency Preparedness and
Response Division
Los Angeles County
Department of Public Health
600 S. Commonwealth Ave., Suite 700
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(213) 637-3600
(213) 381-0006 FAX

Public Callers who would like to reach the Emergency Preparedness and Response Division or a report a public health issue may also call 2-1-1 anytime.


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How to prepare for an emergency.

Neighborhood Plan

You’ve met your neighbors. Now it’s time to put together an emergency plan. Working together to be prepared will help create a better plan.

Organize and announce a neighborhood meeting.

  • If possible, add your emergency planning activities to an existing community or neighborhood meeting
  • Use community news websites and newsletters, pass out flyers, and post in public places
  • Use existing tools to create a neighborhood emergency plan
  • Emphasize the need for everyone to work together
  • Have follow-up meetings

Create a neighborhood map.

Create a map that shows the following details:
  • Point out key community services and resources that can provide support
  • Identify community members that have training or skills that can provide support before, during or after an emergency
  • Identify the location of community members who may have additional needs including families with small children, people with pets, the elderly or those who need help to walk or move
  • Choose a neighborhood gathering or evacuation site
  • Create a neighborhood contact list with addresses, phone numbers and emails

Household Plan

In addition to a neighborhood plan, each household needs its own plan. This lets everyone in the household get involved and know what to do in an emergency.

  • Prepare an Household Emergency Kit that meets the needs of your family including additional needs of children, the elderly, and any pets
  • Know the location of your kit and include a plan with important information such as a neighborhood map, emergency contacts, evacuation routes/emergency exits, the location of the gas shut-off valve, water main shut-off valve and electrical circuit breaker box
  • Practice your plan and keep your Emergency supplies updated

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Know Your Neighbors Plan Together Be Ready

For more information about community preparedness and for some tips on how to get to know your neighbors, go to prepare2respond.org, or www.ready.gov.
Vision and Mission
Our Vision: Los Angeles County residents are protected from the public health consequences of both natural and intentional emergencies.

Our Mission: To prevent and mitigate the public health consequences of natural or intentional emergencies for Los Angeles County residents through threat assessment, planning, improved operational readiness, and timely response.
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