Center for Health Equity

The Action Plan

The Center for Health Equity Action Plan is a call to action and seeks to grow a movement to advance health equity in LA County. As with all movements, it is driven by aspirations to change the status quo.

It won’t be easy.

Our movement requires partnerships among County and community stakeholders across sectors and sustained effort over time. It will require the shared commitment, bold action and accountability of us all.

To succeed, we need to come together as collaborators and partners to reduce gaps in health outcomes that affect our most marginalized communities. We need your leadership, innovation and imagination to realize a SHARED vision for a better tomorrow.

Join the movement.

What is the Center’s Action Plan?

The Center for Health Equity Action Plan directs the Center’s activities over six years. It identifies our vision for the future and our pathway there. The first year includes a start-up period and will be followed by five years of implementation.

The plan outlines a set of strategic priorities, goals, strategies and objectives to focus the work, and is a public commitment to achieving a set of defined equity goals. We expect these activities will foster a culture of health equity and build a movement toward ensuring everyone in the county can reach their fullest health potential.

Download the Center for Health Equity Action Plan here

The Action Plan organizes the Center’s work around five strategic priorities. These strategic priorities will determine how we will do our work across the Health Agency and County of Los Angeles to:

Our five strategic priorities include:

         Reduce/Eliminate Gaps in Health Outcomes
      Provide Useful and Inclusive Data

         Support Policy and Systems Change

     Cultivate Public, Private and Community Partnerships
        Strengthen Organizational Readiness and Capacity

We want your feedback!

The Center considers the Action Plan a living document and is committed to ensuring community voices are heard and drive the work. We have posted the draft plan here to allow for public comment and will host public forums throughout LA County to allow community members and other stakeholders to provide feedback and recommendations on planned strategies, and how the Center can add value, uplift work currently taking place in the County and our communities. The plan will be revised based on the input received and finalized by November 2018.

Please let us know what you think of the goals, strategies and objectives. Email comments, recommendations and letters of support to We also plan to host forums across the County to hear feedback and forge partnerships for the work ahead! Check back here or join our listerserv at