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West Nile Virus in Dead Birds 2011
Updated 1.10.12

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Overall 2011 was a very active year for West Nile Virus (WNV). WNV was detected in 226 dead birds (200 crows, 6 House finches, 5 House sparrows, 4 Cooper's hawks, 4 Western Scrub Jays, 2 California Towhees, and a single bird each of:  raven, Great Horned Owl,  Oak Titmouse, Mourning Dove and Red-shouldered Hawk). There were also 15 dead squirrels that tested positive.

The number of local human cases detected was 63.

A 4-year old horse in the San Gabriel Valley also contracted West Nile Virus in August.  The horse had not been vaccinated.

A significant amount of these WNV-infected birds were found in the eastern section of the county.  The city of Cerritos had more WNV-positive dead birds than other cities, with 33 out of the 225 being discovered there. On the map to the right, many of the WNV-positive dead birds in Cerritos appear as one red star because they were found  very close together. See second map below for a close-up of this area. All but one of the WNV-positive dead birds were discovered since the beginning of June.

2011 Los Angeles County West Nile Virus Map - dead birds

WNV is transmitted to humans, horses, and birds by the bites of infected mosquitoes. Testing dead wild birds for WNV provides a way tracking the virus in our environment. Veterinary Public Health works with the California Department of Public Health and local mosquito control agencies in conducting WNV surveillance in Los Angeles County.  

Cases of WNV infection in birds and people tend to be highest in the late summer, but may be happen at other times.

As always, many thanks to Los Angeles County residents, Animal Control Agencies, wildlife rehabilitators, and Vector Control Agencies for all of your work on WNV surveillance!

To report a dead bird or tree squirrel in Los Angeles County, click here.  To read more about WNV in humans, click here.



2011 - Cerritos area West Nile Virus Map - dead birds