Rabies Control Manual
Vicious Dogs
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Both the County and City of Los Angeles have ordinances to control vicious dogs. Other municipalities also have ordinances on vicious dogs. We enforce the County code. The City defines a dangerous animal as an animal that poses the potential to attack another animal or person. A vicious animal is an animal that has attacked another animal or person.

Los Angles County Title 11 - Health and Safety

Chapter 11.04 Communicable Disease Control - Part 2. Rabies Control and Vicious Animals

11.04.280 Vicious animals -- Identification procedure -- Confinement requirements.

A. It shall be the duty of the director, upon receipt of an affidavit from any person who has been bitten by an animal or from a person who has witnessed such an occurrence, to investigate and, upon reasonable indication of the animal's viciousness, to notify the owner or custodian of such animal, in writing, to keep such animal at all times confined strictly to the premises of said owner or custodian in such a manner that the animal may not do bodily harm to any person having legitimate reason to be upon the premises of said owner or custodian.

B. Permanent Quarantine. After the receipt by the owner or custodian of such animal of the notice as provided in subsection A of this section, the owner or custodian shall at all times thereafter keep such animal, or cause such animal to be kept, on the property or premises where such owner or custodian resides, in the manner specified in subsection A above. Such animal shall not be moved from the place of quarantine or disposed of in any manner without the permission of the director, and in the event of the death of the animal, the carcass of the animal shall be surrendered by the owner or custodian to the director on demand, as proof of the death of the animal. (Ord. 10728 2 (part), 1973: Ord. 7583 Part 2 226, 1959.)

11.04.290 Vicious animals -- Appeal from quarantine requirement -- Hearing procedures.

Any person whose animal has been declared vicious and placed on permanent quarantine may petition the director for a hearing. Such a petition shall be in writing, signed by the applicant, and shall set forth in detail the facts and reasons upon which his petition is based. If the director finds that the facts upon which he based his order of quarantine no longer exist, he shall rescind the quarantine. Otherwise, he shall set the matter for a public hearing not less than 60 days after the filing of the petition and, in writing, either by registered or certified mail, postage prepaid, or in the manner required for the service of summons in civil actions, not less than five days prior to the hearing, notify the applicant of the time and place thereof.

The director shall give the petitioner and all other persons who desire to be heard an opportunity to testify and to present any relevant facts. The director may place any witness under oath. The director, when he deems it necessary, may continue the hearing at any time and shall give notice thereof at the hearing or as required when the matter is first set for hearing. At the close of the hearing or within 10 days thereafter, from the evidence presented, the director shall determine the facts and shall take the action required thereby, continue the quarantine, set aside the quarantine, or such other action as is required by law under the facts. He may notify the petitioner at the close of the hearing as to his ruling if the petitioner is present, either in person or by counsel. Otherwise, he shall notify the petitioner of his action by a notice in writing served by first class mail, postage repaid, or in the manner required for the service summons in a civil action. (Ord. 10728 4, 1973: Ord. 7583 Part 2 227, 1959.)

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