Rabies Control Manual - APPENDIX
How to Avoid dog bites
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  1. The most important thing is to learn how to avoid dog bites. Typical warning signs of unfriendly dogs are a) snarling or a stiff stance b) ears laid back and fur on back standing up.

  2. Train your dog not to bite. Train your dog to obey simple commands (sit, stay, come, no).

  3. Don't play aggressive games like wrestling or tug-of-war with your dog.

  4. Don't leave children unattended with dogs. More than of the bites involve children under 12.

  5. Talk to your children about avoiding strange dogs and growling dogs.

  6. Teach children not to take food and toys away from dogs.

  7. Don't run past a dog. They naturally love to chase and catch things. More attacks are seen with joggers and people out walking.

  8. Some people carry a stick when walking to protect themselves from dogs.

  9. If dogs are fighting don't try to break up by hand. Spray with water, yell at or make loud noises.

  10. Senior citizens are also at increased risk of dog bites. It is more difficult for them to move away due to arthritis, weak muscles and poor eyesight.

  11. Obey leash laws. Dogs on a public street, park or other property must be restrained by a leash.

  12. Neuter your dog, as neutered dogs are less likely to bite.

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