Substance Abuse Prevention and Control

Workforce Development

DMC-ODS and CalAIM initiatives transformed the specialty SUD service system for Medi-Cal clients and continue to increase expectations for the workforce in the form of higher clinical, documentation, and outcome standards. SAPC has prioritized workforce development as a central component to advancing the SUD field. SAPC's Capacity Building funds are designed to ensure that staff are prepared to work with an increasingly complex patient population and a specialty SUD treatment environment where outcomes will be central to future reimbursement models.


1A. Agency-Level Survey on Workforce
Agency level survey designed to understand workforce recruitment and retention. Informs 1B and 1C. Providers will include survey pdf document with invoice.
*Required to participate in other Workforce Capacity Building
1B. Staff-Level Survey (Practioner) on Workforce
A SAPC created survey deployed by 3rd party for all DMC-ODS Staff. Providers will provide summary of results to SAPC with invoice.
1C. Workforce Development and Sustainability Plan
Using results from 1A and 1B, build a long-term workforce development and retention sustainability plan at an agency-level that incorporates enhanced compensation package.
1D. Expedited Counselor Training and Certification
Support financial costs of registered SUD Counselors credentialed by SAPC and employed by agencies as of 04/01/23 to expedite completion of certification coursework and training hours.
1E. Addiction Medication Prescribing Clinician
Supports financial cost-sharing with Network Providers to recruit, retain and utilize (1 FTE) addiction medication (MAT) prescribing clinician per agency regardless of tier level. Clinician must provide the full range of applicable addiction medication services as outlined in SAPC Information Notice 24-01. Start-up funds for up to 75% of funds to support implementation planning (FY 23-24) and up to 25% once implementation completed (FY 24-25).

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