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Community Assessment Service Centers (CASC)
15-03 CASC Helpline (Bulletin 15-03)
15-02 General Relief MSARP Name Change and Sanction Policy
15-01 ABP 132 Treatment Provider Progress Report
13-01 Mandatory Substance Abuse Recovery Program ABP 132 Progress Report Requirement
Health Care Reform
13-01 Medical Necessity for SUD Treatment
Criminal Justice
16-02 Expanded Pop for AB109 SUD Services
16-01 Expanded Pop. For Adult Drug Court SUD Services
12-03 Authorization For The Limited Disclosure of Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Information
12-02 Progress Report Format for Family Dependency Drug Court
12-01 Procedures for Requests for AS 109 Treatment Extensions
11-04 Procedure for Family Dependency Drug Court Treatment Extensions
11-03 CASC Procedures for AB109 Probationer Assessment and Referral
11-02 Important and Necessary Changes To The Offender Treatment Program/Proposition 36
11-01 Request For Extended Treatment (Family Dependency Drug Court)
10-06 Parolee Service Network Program New Admission and Discharge Forms
10-02 Adopted Changes To The Offender Treatment Program/Proposition 36 Summary of Treatment And Supervision Services Matrix - Revised 2010
10-01 Procedures For Requests For Parolee Services Network Treatment Extensions
09-04 Important and necessary changes to the Proposition 36 program (Effective October 1, 2009)
09-03 Family Dependency Drug Court - Timely Progress Reporting
09-01 Changes To The Proposition 36 Program
08-05 Procedural Changes To The Proposition 36 Referral Process Involving Misdemeanor Offenders
08-04 Timely Progress Reporting - Proposition 36
07-04 Adopted Changes to the Proposition 36 Summary of Treatment, Supervision and Continuing Care Services Matrix - Revised 2007
07-03 Modified Proposition 36 Court/CASC Referral Form
07-02 Update on Proposition 36 Discharge Procedures
07-01 Clarification of The Summary of Treatment, Supervision and Continuing Care Services Matrix Proposition 36
06-01 Revised Guidelines for Entering Proposition 36 Drug Testing Information Into the TCPX
04-07 Guidelines for Entering LACPRS Data Regarding Proposition 36 Dual Probation/Parolee Clients
04-03 Treatment Services for Proposition 36 Participants
04-02 Certification/Licensing of Proposition 36 Service Delivery Sites REVISED
03-07 Treatment Services for Proposition 36 Participants
03-04 Additional Training for Propositions 36 Testing
03-03 Order Form for Propositions 36 Drug Testing Supplies
03-02 Point of Care Drug Testing Supplies for Propositions 36
03-01 180-Day Maximum Residential Reimbursement
10-07 Homeless Calworks Family Project Substance Abuse Counselor Integration Frequently Asked Questions/Call-Out
09-02 PA 1923 Treatment Verification Form (Reverse Referral) Revised Procedures
08-02 Requirements for submitting CalWorks Case Management Client Data
05-01 Billing for CalWORKs Orientation and Outreach Services
04-05 CalWORKs Orientation and Outreach Services
04-01 Requirements for Submitting CalWORKs Client Data

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CalWORKs/General Relief
04-06 Deadline for Submitting CalWORKS and General Relief Client Data
Drug Medi-Cal
16-02 Impact of 2016 Elections
16-01 FY2016-17 DMC Revised Rates
15-03 Performance Securities Memo
15-02 The Proposed Drug Medi-Cal Rates FY 2015 2016
15-01 Risk Assessment Tool and Evaluation (RATE) System
14-04 Changes to the Drug Medi-Cal Program
14-03 Instructions on DMC Billing Changes
14-02 Revised Drug Medi-Cal Rates
14-01 New 60-Day Denied Claims Replacement Process
13-01 Revised Drug Medi-Cal Rates
12-01 Revised Drug Medi-Cal Rates
10-05 Performance Securities
10-04 Revised Drug Medi-Cal Rates
08-03 Revised Drug Medi-Cal Rates
08-01 Revised Drug Medi-Cal Rates
05-04 Revised Drug Medi-Cal Rates
04-09 Revisions Drug Medi-Cal Billing System 
03-10 Drug Medi-Cal Billing System & HIPAA Compliance
03-08 Revised Drug/Medi-Cal Rates
16-06 Prop.64 and Workplace Drug Policies
16-05 Hepatitis B and C Virus Program
16-04 My Health Los Angeles Substance Use Disorder Benefit Package
16-03 Monthly Status Checks of Agencies
Agency Monthly Status Check Form
16-02 Trafficking Victims Protection Act 2000
16-01 SAPT Block Grant Funds of Last Resort
15-03 (AB 848) Alcohol and Drug Treatment Facilities
Interim Bulletin CLAS Standards
15-01 Naloxone Availability
12-01 Corrective Action Plan Template
10-08 Accessing Treatment Services At Antelope Valley Rehabilitation Center
Performance Benchmarks and Dashboards
Performance Benchmarks & Dashboard Supplement
04-08 Client Fee Determination System
03-09 Automated Data Collection and Reporting
03-06 Fiscal Year 2002-03 Deadline for Submission of Reimbursement Claims
General Relief
15-04 General Relief Funding Reduction
04-04 Requirements for Submitting General Relief Client Data
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