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Public Health Investigation


Public Health Investigation

Contact Information
County of Los Angeles
Department of Public Health
Public Health Investigation
5555 Ferguson Drive, Suite 120-04
Commerce, CA.  90022
Phone: (323) 659-6148
Fax: (323) 728-0217
Subpoena Services and Fee Schedule





Please be advised that our office does not accept cash.  We accept check, money order, or cashier check made payable to County of Los Angeles.


Subpoena duces tecum Location and Retrieval of Records and Clerical Fee:



$24.00 per hour


Subpoena duces tecum Duplicating Fee:



$0.10 per page


Subpoena duces tecum Witness Fee:



$275.00 per day, minimum deposit


Subpoena duces tecum Mileage Fee:



At the Mileage Reimbursement Rate established by the Auditor-Controller


Subpoena duces tecum CD Duplicating Fee:



$4.00 per CD


Certification of Records:


$9.00 per stamped page



Withdrawn/Quashed Subpoena


If a subpoena is withdrawn or quashed (except by motion of the witness) costs incurred until the time the witness was notified must be paid.

Authority: Government Code, Section 68093, 68096.1, 68097.2(b)
  California Evidence Code, Sections 1560-1567
  California Code of Civil Procedures, Sections 1985-1997
  California Civil Code, Section 1798.33
  Department of Public Health Policy 341 and 560



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