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Public Health Education for Physicians


Public Health Education for Physicians

Contact Information
Public Health Education for Physicians
Department of Public Health
Los Angeles County
313 North Figueroa Street Room 227 B
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: (213) 250-8688
Fax: (213) 481-9853
Public Health Education for Physicians

The Public Health Education for Physicians Program (PHEP) provides education regarding public health for physicians-in-training. The primary target group is Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) primary care residents; however the program will also work with physicians-in-training at other levels of training and from other institutions.

PHEP began in May 2000, at a time when there was not an organized program for public health education for DHS primary care residents. It uses two approaches to provide public health education: didactic and experiential. Training sessions occur both at hospitals and at public health sites. PHEP has a list of potential topics for rounds and training sessions with identified speakers. PHEP can make arrangements for a talk, or a program can make their own arrangements.

Rotations to Public Health are also possible. The standard time for a public health rotation is one month. The experience is individualized to be either a rotational experience or a full month at with one program working on projects. In either case the Director of PHEP needs to be notified considerably in advance so that appropriate arrangements can be made. Potential plans for the rotation are developed for the different primary care specialties (Family Medicine, Ob-Gynecology, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine).

For further information contact the program at

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