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Benefits of CAIR
Your Rights
The California Immunization Registry (CAIR) is a secure, confidential computer system that doctors and other health care providers use to help keep track of their patients' vaccinations (shots) and make sure patients get all of the shots they need at the right time. CAIR is also used by schools, daycares, and other agencies that help protect our community from disease. Learn more about CAIR.

If you would like your record entered into CAIR, ask your doctor. Only your doctors, clinics and other agencies that use CAIR can enter records into CAIR.  If your doctor doesn't use CAIR, encourage them to join CAIR all doctors and clinics in California are welcome to use CAIR.

Benefits of CAIR for You and Your Family
Having your/your child's vaccination information in the California Immunization Registry (CAIR) helps make sure that you/your child receives all of the vaccinations needed to stay healthy. CAIR keeps your shot record safe and in one place. This can help you in many ways:
  • If you lose your vaccination record (Yellow Card), your doctor can quickly print a new one for you using CAIR. You can also contact the CAIR Help Desk at cairhelpdesk@cdph.ca.gov to have a new Yellow Card printed for you. The Yellow Card shows proof of the shots needed to start school, day care, or a new job.

  • If you move or change doctors, your new doctor can look up your/your child’s vaccination record in CAIR. This helps your doctor know which shots you/your child had and which ones are still needed. This is most important if you lose your/your child’s Yellow Card. Without this record, you/your child may need to get all of the shots again.

  • CAIR helps your doctor make sure you/your child gets the right shots at the right time. For example, your doctor can use CAIR to print reminder postcards when you/your child are due for shots. This helps you and your doctor schedule visits when needed.

  • CAIR can help you and your doctor during emergencies and disasters. During Hurricane Katrina, many parents and doctors lost their vaccination records in the flooding. The immunization registries in these areas were able to give new copies of the records to thousands of parents and doctors. Since CAIR keeps an electronic copy of vaccination records, CAIR will be able to provide the same help to parents and doctors if a disaster occurs in our community.

Your Rights
Before your/your child's vaccination record is entered into CAIR, your doctor will give you a form that explains CAIR and its benefits. You will have time to read the form and ask questions. Once your/your child's record is in CAIR, you also have the right to:
  • Receive a copy of your/your child's Yellow Card from CAIR.
  • Report any mistakes in the record so that they can be fixed.
  • Receive a list of the providers and other agencies that have looked up your/your child's record in CAIR.
  • Refuse to share your/your child's record with other providers or agencies that use CAIR.