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What is CAIR?
Why is CAIR needed?
Who can use CAIR?
What is CAIR?
The California Immunization Registry (CAIR) is a secure web-based system used by doctors and other health care providers and agencies such as schools. The goal of CAIR is to improve the tracking and delivery of immunization services so that all California residents get the vaccines they need at the right time.

Immunization registries help medical providers track and update their patients' immunization records, assess which shots are due at each patient visit, and identify patients who should be sent reminder notices. CAIR keeps a person's immunization record in one place, even if they see many doctors. Doctors and other health care providers can access CAIR to see the updated immunization record. This makes it easier for providers to know when a person needs shots and which shots are needed. Registries also help schools and other agencies assess which shots are due and give referrals.

CAIR consists of 10 regions with CAIR Los Angeles-Orange Region serving Los Angeles and Orange counties.

Why is CAIR needed in Los Angeles and Orange Counties?
Within Los Angeles and Orange counties alone, there are more than 6,500 providers of childhood vaccines, approximately 1.15 million children under the age of six, and more than 200,000 births each year. An increasingly complex childhood immunization schedule can make it difficult for health care providers to assess patients' immunization needs. Also, as families move or change providers, immunization records can be lost and/or difficult to keep up-to-date. CAIR can also be of great benefit during emergencies and natural disasters, such as during Hurricane Katrina.

In addition, studies have shown that both parents and providers commonly think their children/patients are up-to-date on their vaccines when they are really missing shots. By maintaining updated immunization records in a central location, registries can decrease under- and over-immunization and increase vaccination coverage rates within communities. All 50 states have or are in the process of developing an immunization registry. For more information on immunization registries in other states, please visit the CDC Immunization Program. Healthy People 2020 has set a national goal of enrolling at least 95% of children under age six in an immunization registry by 2020. CAIR is working to meet this goal to ensure that all children in our community get the right number of shots at the right time. This will lead to improved vaccine coverage and a fewer cases of vaccine-preventable diseases.

Who can use CAIR?
Only certain types of approved organizations can use CAIR.
  • Health Care Providers who give immunizations use CAIR to track the immunizations of their patients and make sure patients get the vaccines they need at the right time. These providers include health department-based clinics, non-profit/community clinics, private medical practices, and hospitals.
  • Schools and Daycare Facilities use CAIR to determine if a child has received all of the vaccines needed for enrollment.
  • Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Programs use CAIR to make referrals to parents so that their children's vaccines will be up-to-date.
  • County and State Foster Care Agencies use CAIR to make sure all children in foster care have up-to-date immunizations.
  • California Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) Program  use CAIR to provide referrals to parents so that their children's vaccines will be up-to-date.
  • State and Local Health Departments use CAIR to help assess immunization coverage and to determine where resources may be needed to improve immunization services.
  • Health Plans use CAIR to monitor the immunization services of their participating doctors, provide education and support to improve doctors' immunization services, and provide reimbursement to doctors for the immunizations they give to patients.