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Los Angeles County Abortion Safe Haven Project

abortion Safe Heaven


On January 25, 2022, anticipating that the Supreme Court of the United States would weaken or overturn the federal right to abortion, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a motion by Supervisors Holly Mitchell and Sheila Kuehl to ensure access to quality reproductive health services for everyone in LA County. The County of Los Angeles is working with numerous community based partner organizations and academic experts to plan for expanding and increasing access to abortion care and other reproductive health care, creating the Los Angeles County Abortion Safe Haven Project.

The Abortion Safe Haven Project will comprise a network of county agencies; nonprofit, academic, and business partners; reproductive health, rights, and justice advocates; and health care providers committed to ensuring safe access to reproductive care for all.


Abortion is legal and safe in the state of California.

Teens - See special Youth Resource Guide below

Abortion care in California is available to pregnant people of any age, regardless of immigration status or where you live.

For people with low incomes, anyone who lives in California, is pregnant, and doesn’t have health insurance can enroll in emergency or pregnancy-related Medi-Cal to cover the cost of abortion, miscarriage, or other pregnancy-related care. This health coverage continues until 12 months after pregnancy ends. (See additional information below).

This guide describes resources available in Los Angeles County for anyone who needs abortion care, family planning care, or related services. We will regularly update the list to reflect the changing landscape of abortion access and reproductive health care in the County as the Safe Haven is developed.

Who Provides Abortions in LA County? Find Local and National Surgical and Medical Abortion Sites and Information
How Do I Pay for an Abortion? Where Can I Get Birth Control or Other Contraceptive Care?
Mental Health Support Abortion Rights in California
Additional Support


Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs), also known as Pregnancy Resource Centers, are privately run places that look like health care clinics but are often not staffed by medical providers. In California and throughout the nation, they are more common than clinics that perform abortion. They are often located very close to real abortion clinics. Online, it is easy to think they are abortion clinics unless one reads the fine print.

CPCs are usually run by religious organizations and offer pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and supplies for pregnant parents and infants, for free or in exchange for clients taking classes. Some CPCs in California offer more comprehensive health services. However, rather than provide patients with accurate information about pregnancy termination so that people can make their own decisions, their aim is to discourage women from seeking abortion. CPCs across the U.S. often provide clients false medical information.

It can be difficult to tell whether a particular clinic is a medical clinic or a CPC, so if you are considering abortion and want to receive high-quality, medically accurate counseling or medical care, be sure make an appointment with a reputable, licensed health care agency, like the ones listed in this resource.


Contraception and Abortion Health Care for Teens

This resource is a teen-specific guide to abortion and contraception resources available for youth in LA County.



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Abortion FAQ

Let's Talk About Abortion: Frequently Asked Questions

This resource answers commonly asked questions and addresses concerns about abortion.



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LetsTalkAbout Let's Talk About Sexual and Reproductive Health

This presentation from the Department of Children and Family Services explains reproductive health rights for California youth in systems of care.


Abortion Is A PH Issue For more information about abortion as a public health issue, see the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Office of Women’s Health.

AB Finance

How Do People Pay for Abortion?

 This policy fact sheet describes barriers to abortion funding in the U.S. and Medi-Cal funding for abortion in California.

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