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Family Planning
Planning Your FAMILIA

Man and woman in grass

What is Family Planning?

Family planning is future planning. Do your goals for the future include finishing school, buying a new car, or traveling the world? These goals can be harder to accomplish if you have a baby to think about.

Man and woman smilingFamily planning means that you decide when and how many children you want. If you’re having sex, family planning means preventing pregnancy until you’re ready to become a parent. Couples who have unplanned babies are more than twice as likely to break up than couples with a planned baby.

Planned families have healthier babies, moms, and dads. Parents are better prepared to handle the challenges of parenthood because, let’s face it – being a parent is not easy and babies are expensive! Without a plan, you could be buying diapers instead of a new car.

How to Plan Your FAMILIA

It takes two people to make a baby. Talk to your partner about whether or not you want to have kids. Whether or not having a baby is in your 5-year plan – or 1-year plan – find a reliable birth control method. Learn about birth control options for men and women here.

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Family Planning
Planning Your FAMILIA Contraception Options

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