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Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program


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Los Angeles County                 Department of Public Health
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
5555 Ferguson Drive, Suite 210-02
Commerce, CA 90022
(800) LA-4-LEAD
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Southern California Health & Housing Council
Partnerships to prevent childhood lead poisoning & environmental hazards in housing
Addressing the adequate protection of children

We must do more to protect children from lead.
  • Levels considered safe are now documented to create cognitive damage;
  • Decreases in IQ are associated with blood lead levels below 10 g/dL;
  • Drugs used to remove the lead from children's blood do not appear to protect their learning ability;
  • Only 10% of lead poisoned children have been identified according to the State of California Auditor's May 2001 Report;
  • Communities with the least resources have children living in the worst housing;
  • Lead poisoning is a housing problem with serious health consequences.

Los Angeles County's Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, working through their coalition, the Southern California Health & Housing Council, is pro-actively addressing the problem. Comprised of more than 150 organizations and business.....

Lead poisoning focus of Healthy Homes conference

More than 300 attendees to a two day conference, March 14-15 2001, at the Carson Community Center. Protecting children from the conditions in housing that cause lead poisoning and asthma was the focus at the conference. The segments of the society most important to children's environmental health were treated to presentations by local and national experts. Four specialized learning tracks were designed to attract, train, and simulate action from: doctors, contractors, city housing officials, and property owners.

Even though deteriorated lead based paint is the principle cause of poisoning children with lead, moisture is the number one reason that old paint begins to peel and crack, Moisture also promotes the growth of molds, mildew, and cockroaches, which are primarily linked to poor indoor air quality and asthma triggers in children. Therefore, conference attendees received the latest information on how to create and maintain healthy homes for children, thus reducing the risk to children of these two devastating diseases.

Call to action to protect children

During their March 14-15 2001 conference, the SCH&H endorsed the following first steps to prevent children from being poisoned by lead:

1. Ban unsafe paint removal practices & require the use of lead-safe work practices in all pre-1978 properties (unless a lead inspection has found no lead-based paint present).

2. Sponsor free training in lead-safe work practices for all painters and remodelers in English, Spanish and other languages as needed using approved one-day course and qualified trainers, and

3. Require dust testing after paint repair and remodeling projects in pre-1978 properties and whenever health or housing agency staff identify peeling paint.

4. Make peeling paint a priority code violation with aggressive enforcement and monetary penalties.

SCH&HC Mission Statement

To consistently advocate & support parents, schools, cities and organizations in their efforts to eliminate childhood lead poisoning. This mission will be served by regular meetings, conference, training, special events and by developing mechanisms to fund lead abatement and poison prevention efforts.

To become a member:

Attend monthly meetings - Help identify issues

Become involved in activities - Lobby for Change

Donate to project - Do it for the Children

Meetings are held monthly on the third Thursday from 10 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. at 5555 Ferguson Dr., Commerce, CA 90022. Call 1-800-LA-4-LEAD for more details.

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