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Course Description: This continuing education course is a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approved course that illustrates the blood collection technique for capillary blood lead samples.  The quality assurance activities associated with the Fingerstick sampling including the identifying population at-risk that are under-screened and tracking false positives blood lead levels is included.  Health Care Provider Fingerstick sampling and LeadCare II requirements/recommendations (LeadCare II Users' Blood Lead Levels Reporting Guidelines), and Lead Awareness information are also reviewed. To fulfill course requirements the participant is required to performs a return demonstration of the Fingerstick technique and complete a post-test and course evaluation.

Course Objectives:

  • Following this training the participant will be to:
  • Identify State targeted screening regulations on standards of care on screening for Lead poisoning.
  • Identify the Healthcare Provider Requirements for Fingerstick Sampling.
  • Identify potential sources of specimen contamination.
  • State the CHDP and Medi-Cal billing codes for lead screening.
  • Perform a return demonstration of the blood collection technique for capillary blood lead sampling.
  • List the primary sources of lead exposure.
  • State major behavior risk factors associated with Lead poisoning.
  • Identify State requirements for Lead Care II.
Target Audience: Physicians, RNs, PHNs, CMAs and Phlebotomists

Location: Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
5555 Ferguson Drive Suite 210-02
Commerce, California 90022
(323) 869-7171  

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