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Childhood Lead Poisoning
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General Health Education Catalog

General Information:

 Fact Sheet

 English / Spanish

 Frequently Asked Questions About Lead  English / Spanish
 Learn about Lead Poisoning:  Protect your Children

 English / Spanish

 Lead in House Paint and Dirt Can Hurt your Child  English / Spanish
 Simple Steps to Protect your Child from Lead  English / Spanish
 Make Your Home Lead-Safe and Healthy for Children  English / Spanish
 A Guide to a Healthy and Lead-Safe Home for Children  English / Spanish
Tips for Lead-Safe Toys  English

Sources of Lead Poisoning:

 Lead Sources Handout  English / Spanish
 Home Remedies:  Has your child been treated for stomach ache?  English / Spanish
 Traditional Remedies and Other Products Reported to Contain Lead  English                 
 Candies Found to Contain Lead  English / Spanish
 Pottery Flyer:  Do You Cook with Traditional Pottery?  English / Spanish
 Lead in Traditional Ceramics  English / Spanish

Renovation & Construction:

 Remodeler/Renovator/Contractor/Landlord:  Does the New Federal Lead-based Paint Regulation Apply to You?  English / Spanish
 Lead Paint Safety - A Field Guide for Painting, Home Maintenance, and Renovation Work  English / Spanish
 EPA's Renovate Right Booklet

 English / Spanish

 Don't Spread Lead: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Lead-safe painting, repair, and Home Improvement  English / Spanish

Occupational Information:
 Don't Take Lead Home from your Job!

 English / Spanish

Nutrition & Lead:

 Lead is a poison; Keep your Child Safe

 English / Spanish / Thai

 Well Fed = Less Lead (List of foods with Iron, Calcium, and Vitamin C)

 English / Spanish

Material for Teachers, Nurses, and Educators:

 How Mother Bear Taught the Children About Lead (An activity book for children)


 Lessons in Lead - Pre-K


 Lessons in Lead - Elementary


 Lessons in Lead - High School  English

 Free and Low Cost Health, Dental and Vision Services:

 Free and Low Cost Dental/Vision Services  English / Spanish
 Free and Low Cost Health Services for Children and Teenagers  English / Spanish

Tenant Rights:

 Understanding Your Rights As a Tenant

 English / Spanish

Additional Resources (link to EPA Web site)

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